Party appetizers are often grossly greasy, fattening and overall horrible health choices. When throwing your next party why not take a moment to consider some healthy alternatives to normal party appetizers. Not only are these alternatives often far less messy there also far superior for the health of your friends and family attending your party or function.

Vegetable Platter:

You cannot get much healthier for party appetizers than to go with a traditional vegetable platter. A Vegetable platter is by far the healthiest choice available. Just because it is healthy does not necessarily mean it tastes like crap. Vegetable platters can often be covered in appealing foods of many colors and shades. Some of the great vegetables can be included are such things as celery, red peppers, carrots, baby tomatoes, broccoli and many other healthy and great tasting vegetables along with some tasty and low-fat dips.


Many people do not consider nuts to be a very traditional party appetizer. A bowl of cashews, walnuts, almonds, peanuts would be something that many people would enjoy. If you're going to have peanuts though, make sure it is clear that they are peanuts. Do not hide them in other dishes. Because the last thing you want is someone with allergies to go into anaphylactic shock.


Fruits are specifically a great party appetizer. Fruits are particularly a wonderful and refreshing appetizer in the spring, summer and fall months. Watermelon cubes, strawberries, cantaloupe slices, orange slices, apple slices, Kiwis, cherries and grapes are just a few of the great fruits that can be used to make it awesome fruit platter as a healthy party appetizer alternative.

Cheese spreads:

Low-calorie or healthy crackers along many interesting tasting cheeses to meet excellent way to go along with wine and any party. These crackers and cheese appetizers can run a gamut of cheeses for many different tastes at a party. There is literally a cheese for everybody.


Dips can be a little bit of an issue at parties when it comes to healthy choices. Most dips that are cream-based are particularly bad health choices. They are invariably high in fat and high in cholesterol so should be avoided for low-fat low-cholesterol versions or -even better- replaced entirely with a tasty substitute like salsa.