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You have probably had the worst day all thanks to a heart burn.  This is a bitter taste in your mouth, usually accompanied by a chronic cough. This despicable feeling is brought about by a number of common factors. Most common are situations that involve the intake of specific substrates. It’s therefore important to realize that even though there are many ways of dealing with heart burns, prevention is the best.

How to Prevent Heartburn

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Avoid taking foods that are rich in acids. This is the main course of a heart burn.  These foods may be your favorite grapes, oranges, that vinegar ounce and or even tomatoes. Dealing with the cause suppresses the effect of such incidents. Spicy foods are well known to drag you to this situation alike. Try as much as possible to cut down on pepper and chilly. Have a bottle of water to replace your quench for spice.

Do Not Rest After Eating

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People enjoy resting immediately they snack or eat. This is not advisable at all. Avoid lying down, for at least two or three hours just after your meal. When lying, stomach acids are drawn away from out stomach toward the epiglottis (wind pipe). This is where the burning sensation is felt. You don’t want this for yourself. Try to supply your duct system with lean meals that have little acidic content. This may include nonfat foods as well. Your love for French fries and cheeseburgers are triggers of heartburns.  Try replacing these with some milk or yoghurt for your preference.


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Reflux is the state in which body fluids from the stomach are drawn back towards the mouth. Drinks such as alcohol do this to your system. Too much coffee also has the same effect, due to caffeine. Carbonated drinks make us belch and these may trigger heartburns just as much. The size of the meals we eat greatly matters. Too much substrate at once overworks our digestive systems. This may bring about GERD. To avoid this, try having slightly smaller meals repetitively.

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Tee totaling is advised if you want to enjoy an after work drink. Alcohol relaxes the esophageal sphincter muscles and this may relate to abnormal food and fluid translocation. This worsens GERD and hence prolongs heart burn and or its symptoms. Eat at a comfortable pace per bite. Speed swallowing may involve introducing large food particles into your stomach. This condition triggers the stomach to produce excessive acids to counter digestion. Once this happens, it’s common for a heart burn to occur.


Finally in case you get caught up with a heart burn do try the following;

  • Drink plenty of water to counter acid concentrations
  • Take anti acidic pills that have been prescribed to you by the doctor.
  • Bend on your knees and not on your waist as this increase reflux symptoms
  • Raise the position of your head if at night, to drive acids back to the stomach.

A healthy lifestyle is the best solution to combat heart burns. Forget the herb and oriental ways of dealing with heartburns, remember that prevention is for a fact the best cure.