Heart Diseases Prevention Tips for Women

Women are equally prone to various heart diseases like men. However, as women have their monthly period, it protects them from different health conditions. The main concern starts when women reach their menopausal stage. This is because the protective effect of estrogen decreases during the menopausal stage, thus making women vulnerable to various diseases. That is the reason why heart diseases kill more women aged 65 and above compared to other deadly diseases like breast cancer.

What is even more alarming is that women’s lifestyle has direct effect on their health. Women between the age group of 35 and 55 are becoming more and more susceptible to various health conditions. For you to be able to prevent various heart conditions here are some simple heart disease prevention tips that you may follow:

Stop Smoking

The harmful chemicals contained in cigarettes is nicotine and carbon monoxide. These chemicals can narrow down the arteries, thus leading to symptoms of heart blockage. This instigates the development of angina and plaque buildup, resulting to restricted oxygen supply to the heart and other body tissues.

If you can quit smoking, this increases your heart’s chance to avoid various conditions. Women who smoke cigarettes and are consuming birth control pills can get sick easily. If you are having a hard time quitting, you may consult your physician for ways on how to resist the urge to smoke. You may also try other alternatives like chewing gums or skin patches.

Exercise for Good Health

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Exercising on a regular basis is good for the heart, as it allows the heart to pump blood at a faster rate. All the muscles in the body require exercise in order to function properly and so is the heart, which is the most essential body muscle. If you can exercise your heart regularly, the oxygenated blood can replenish the worn out cells and tissues of the body immediately. It can also help reduce plaque buildup within the arteries and helps maintain normal blood pressure.To maintain the health of your heart, make sure that you exercise at least 3 times per week.

However, if you think that you are not fit enough to do regular exercises, you may try simple alternatives like yoga or breathing exercises instead.

Regular Health Checkups

Even if you are not getting sick often, it does not mean that you are healthy. You still have to go through regular checkups at least every 6 months so that you are aware of your body’s condition. This can be the only way to determine if you are fit and healthy. It is necessary for women to go through a complete checkup, especially on the health of their heart, levels of cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar.

Having your breasts checked is also important, as well as a pap smear test to detect cervical cancer. There are certain vaccinations that should also be considered in order to prevent the development of various diseases that can sometimes be fatal.

Healthy Diet

Take note that following a healthy diet does not only protect you from heart diseases but from other health conditions that may trigger the development of heart problems as well. For one, obesity is a common illness for those who are overweight and this condition is also being linked to heart problems.

This can be cured by simply following a well-balanced diet that includes high amount of fiber and low amounts of fat. It is also necessary to control your consumption of red meat, sugar and alcohol. Combining a healthy diet with regular exercises can surely help you achieve optimum health.

These heart disease prevention tips can be very helpful, especially if you want to protect yourself from various heart conditions. Remember that discipline and motivation is all it takes to maintain a healthy and fit body and heart.