When it comes to keeping your heart healthy, eating junk food on a regular basis is not going to do it any favors at all. The human heart is a finely tuned piece of machinery that needs looking after if it's to stay fit and healthy. So swap the junk food for a more heart healthy diet plan, foods which will provide your heart with the nutrients that it requires for good cardiovascular health.

To ensure the heart stay fit and healthy an heart healthy diet combined with daily physical exercise should be your first point of call. With nutrition being your number one priority for keeping an healthy heart. People who are more vulnerable to heart disease are people who are overweight and live off a diet of junk food. So it goes without saying that the first fix is to lose the weight by eating healthy and cutting out the junk. Remember the heart healthy diet plan comes first, then a close second is the exercise.

Heart Healthy Diet And Exercise Plan For Keeping Your Heart HealthyExercise is important though, not only will it speed up your weight loss, but it will also help to improve cardiovascular health. In today's world which is fast paced, lots of people eat on the go, which means fast food. But more and more places are selling heart healthy foods. So there is absolutely no reason why you can't swap those burgers and fries for a more healthier choice.

More people than ever are overweight and there are many different reasons for this. If you fit into this category, it is time to make changes. Make small changes at first, and as you progress keep making more changes and before you know it you will be losing weight and improving your heart, health and well-being in the process.

To start your day, you should never skip breakfast, this is the most important meal of the day. Eating a breakfast which is full of protein, complex carbohydrates and fiber, will kick start your metabolism and allow you to lose the excess weight much quicker.

What food you put into your mouth will affect now your heart performs. Eating lots of junk food is said to clog up blood vessels which stops the heart working at its best. Junk food is high in fat and other nasty stuff that will stick to your artery walls which will restrict the orifices of the arteries which will then lead to reduced blood circulation. This blood supplies vital organs such as the brain and heart, so when the blood circulation is reduced, serious problems can occur such as strokes and heart attacks.

Also when arteries become clogged, they can develop blood clots and clotted arteries can lead to heart attacks and other serious problems. A blood clot which leads to your brain may cause strokes. So now do you see the importance of eating less junk food and swapping it for more heart healthy foods, such as fresh fruit and veg, lean proteins, wholemeal food and healthy omega 3 fats found in fish such as salmon and mackerel.

To improve your heart it's a must that you eat healthier and start exercising. Start a diet and exercise program as soon as you can. If you can walk to work instead of driving, then walk anything that improves cardiovascular health is going to help your heart.

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