If you want to lose body fat one excellent way to do it is with heart rate zone training. Basically you will be doing cardio workouts within a set target heart rate depending on your age, sex and weight. By keeping within this heart rate zone for the completion of your workout you will help ensure that the energy you use whilst doing the workout is all coming from your fat stores and not your valuable lean muscle mass energy stores.

Heart Rate Zone Training For Increased fat Loss ResultsHeart rate zone training as been around for many years now and almost every new piece of cardio exercise equipment will come with heart rate sensors so that you can measure your heart rate as you are exercising.

This cardio exercise equipment is fantastic because it does all the work for you. All you need to do is input a few details such as your age, sex and weight and the cardio machines computer, will make sure you work out to your target heart rate for the completion of your workout. If you are working too hard and your heart rate goes too high, the cardio exercise machine will automatically adjust its resistance to suit your inputted target heart rate.

Another good way to do heart rate zone training is with heart rate monitor watches, almost everyone who is a keen runner, will own one of these watches. These watches are fantastic and the features on them just keep getting better.

If you want to calculate your target heart rate yourself without the use of fancy gym equipment. It is easily done simply by subtracting your age by 220. This will quickly give you your maximum heart rate, next you need to workout what percentage of your maximum heart rate you want to work out at. If its 40%, then you simply take this away from your maximum heart rate calculation.

An even easier and quicker way to work out your target heart rate is with the use of an online program. The web is full of websites offering free software that will quickly and easily work it out for you, with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Target heart rate zone training is not only a fantastic way to speed up your fat loss results, but it will also help to ensure that your heart is kept healthy and working properly. The heart is one of the most important organs on the body, so you need to exercise and eat healthy to ensure that it stays fit and healthy.

Exercising within a targeted heart rate zone, will also ensure that you are burning calories effectively during your cardio workouts. It will also help your body to operate effectively and make sure that the body is delivering all the oxygen and nutrients it needs to operate at its best and lose weight.

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