Heart shaped necklaces are a great fashion piece. They are a classic statement piece that can be worn with just about any type of outfit. This is what leads to their high popularity when it comes to women.


So whether you are shopping to add a piece of jewelry to your collection or getting a gift for someone else, you know that you are going to hit a home run when you purchase a heart shaped necklace.


Now that you know this is the design that you want to purchase, choosing between the many options that are out there can be quite daunting. On Amazon you can find over 7000 designs on sale now. How is one to choose?


Well the first thing is that you want to get an idea of what type you are looking for. There are heart shaped lockets that are always popular. These can often hold a photo of a loved one and can even be engraved.


You can choose to go with a more open design of a classic heart shape for your necklace. When this is the case, you can also think about if you want gem stones included in the design or just the plain metal. Even in the metal there are many choices to be made.


Here are some of the top picks when it comes to heart shaped necklaces. They are all available on Amazon now for immediate ordering if you are so inclined.


Diamond Heart Necklace with Garnet
Credit: Amazon

Heart Shaped Necklace with Diamonds and Garnets

This beautiful piece of jewelry comes in 10k yellow gold. This is a very popular metal for necklaces for a couple of reasons. Gold is a timeless look and one that many women love. 10k gold is a bit stronger and not as soft as 14 and 24k.


The beautiful heart shape is detailed with diamonds down the one side. There is garnet at the bottom of this design that really sparkles when it hit with the light.

Silver Heart Shaped Necklace
Credit: Amazon

Silver Butterfly Heart Necklace

This beautiful piece of jewelry combines many beautiful features to create a dazzling look. The overall metal used for this piece is sterling silver with a bit of rose gold added in for the butterfly.


You will see the one arch of the heart shaped necklace adorned with diamonds. The butterfly is made with pink sapphire.

Open Heart Necklace
Credit: Amazon

Open Heart Necklace

This beautiful open heart necklace is a real treasure. You can order it in white gold or sterling silver. The sterling silver is the more affordable option in this piece. However, both are truly amazing.


The top heart in the picture is accented buy diamonds. The bottom is the pure metal. This is a great piece that can be worn for both day and evening looks.


Heart shaped necklaces make great gifts for those that you love year round. Whether it is for the winter holidays or Valentines Day, these are really great works of art to be given and shared. Just choose the style and metal that you want and you will have a classic piece of jewelry to be enjoyed for years to come.