How to save the world

Saving the world has never been this easy

If you're like most people, you care about the environment and this world we live on. You want to leave the world better than what it was before you came here. That's normal. There's a lot of things you can do to make sure you do your part for the environment. What you do today determines tomorrow. If we all start acting in ways that will help earth, we can make a huge difference. Alone, we can't do much, but together we are a force to reckon with. Here are a few ideas I had on how to make sure the planet and the human race survive and stays healthy for future generation.


First things first, you probably want to make a difference but you don't know how. Lucky for you, there are many ways to help out. My first suggestion is for you to find a volunteering gig that is working for the environment. It's easy to sign up and you can commit to as little as a couple of hours a week or however much time you have to spare... This is a great way to do your part. The truth is we're all part of the reason we're faced with the environmental crisis so we should all be responsible and own up to this situation and chip in.


The second way I will suggest you help out is by starting to tithe as much as you can with every pay cheque... Tithing is when you give money to charity every time you earn a pay cheque... You can tithe as little as 1% of the money and go up to 10% depending on how much you want to give. What I am suggesting here is that you give a little money every time you earn money to a green charity. Of course, you could pick any other kind of charity but for the purpose of this article, I'll suggest you give to an environmental charity because we're trying to save the world here. Alternatively, you could give a portion of your tithing to an environmental charity and you can give the rest to whatever charity you like the best... Either way, you'll be making a big difference. A benefit of tithing is that when we give, we tend to receive a lot back in response. Life rewards tithers. It's good karma. Also, it just feels really good to give. I hope you get the chance to experience the joy of giving through tithing.


The third way I'd like to suggest you make a difference is for people who are still deciding what to do with their lives. Maybe you're at a crossroad at your life and you realize that you need a career change. A green career is a great way to give back to this world. There is an abundance of opportunities in the new green economy. This also applies to people who haven't entered the working force yet or people who are now unemployed and looking for work. Working in the environmental field is very lucrative and you'll be playing a big role in this green revolution we're living through. Future generations will thank you forever.


Fourth, we all get suggestions over and over from the media and newspapers of little changes we can all do in the way we live our day-to-day lives that collectively make a huge difference. This includes driving less, eating locally, and a million and one other ways to do your part for the world. These have immense power in them because if we all took these little actions, we could literally save the world.


Fifth, just get involved! Be creative. Maybe you can start a green business on the side . Or launch full-time and create the next big thing. Ted Turner, the billionaire, said that he believes the next biggest billionaires will come from the green energy revolution. That means clean green renewable energy. There is a huge opportunity there to make a fortune...


Six, personal finance guru David Bach wrote in a book that it is believed that green investing is the next best thing in the investing world since the dot-com era... This is another way to save the world and get rich at the same time. So find out about green funds and equities and learn how you can get involved. You can make a killing this way and you'll play a greater role in the green revolution.


Seven, when it becomes available to you and you can afford it, get yourself an electric car. This is an awesome way to make a difference. Plus, it's really cool. If you're thinking of getting a car now, why not get a hybrid? Again, driving plays a huge part in the global warming issue and if you were to buy a hybrid or an all-electric car like the Chevrolet Volt, you could be part of a movement making a huge difference.


Eight, Sir Paul McCartney said that if anyone wants to save the world, they can, all they have to do is stop eating meat. This is so true too because meat production is the cause of so much greenhouse gas production... If you're interested in becoming vegetarian, it's not difficult and it is possible... It has plenty of health benefits too. If you're ready to go green, all you have to do to start is to cut out meat from your diet. You can still drink milk and all that stuff, just cut out meat like Sir Paul McCartney suggests! This is also a huge political statement. I had a training once for a place I worked at, and they taught us that if you're interested in politics, there's no better way to make political choices than choosing wisely what you eat.


Nine, there are tons of new green products and inventions coming to the marketplace every single day... if you want to make a difference just stay current on the innovative ways to make a difference and help save the world and carry out what you learn and especially those things you like. There are plenty of great green blogs online that will help you stay current on green news... You will also realize as you do this that you'll catch yourself sometimes saying: "Hey, this idea is really simple. I could really do this." These are the little opportunities that you can take advantage of that really add up big!


I hope this article was of value to you. Thank you for reading! Let's save the world people!