If your dog is a bit of a pain when it comes around to giving them their heartworm pills why not consider Heartgard Plus Chewable Heartworm Pills?

What are Heartgard Plus Chewables?

Basically Heartgard Plus are the same as that old favorite Heartgard heartworm Medicine. They contain ivermectin that is a safe and efficient way to prevent heartworm disease. Used every 30 days the ivermectin destroys any heartworm larvae picked up during the previous month, before they can pose any threat to your dog. In addition another drug is included in Heartgard Plus, pyrantel which deals with any hookworms or roundworms in the gut of your pet. Many people like to use Heartgard Plus because you get two medications for the price of one; heartworm prevention and control of intestinal worms.

The Heartgard Plus Chewable tablet is supplied as a chewy treat containing real beef that most dogs find simply irresistible.

Using Heartgard Plus Chewables

Things could not be easier. Simply give your dog their chewable beefy treat every 30 days. If your dog is one of those prone to swallowing things whole you should break the medication up into a few small pieces. This is because the medicine is designed to be absorbed correctly after chewing. Remember these do contain beef too so if your dog is allergic they will need to be given the ordinary tablet version.

Since this is a monthly heartworm medicine the old rules of heartworm medications apply. If your dog has never been given such a treatment before you need to visit your vet to get the all clear that heartworm disease has not already been caught. The pills must be given every 30 days all year long. If you miss a dose, give the dog a pill as soon as possible and continue using them every 30 days from this new date. If more than two months elapse between treatments visit your vet as you may need another test carried out before continuing treatment.

Side effects are extremely rare in the correct dose, but if your dog has shown an intolerance to either of the ingredients in the past you should use an alternative form of heartworm prevention in the future. Always ensure you have the correct dose for the type of animal being treated and their weight. Dog heartworm pills should not be given to cats. The canine heartworm pills come in color coded packs to make it easier to ensure you are using the correct dose. Heartgard Plus Blue are for small dogs under 25lbs in weight. Heartgard Plus Green are for medium sized dogs between 25 and 50 lbs and Heartgard Plus Brown are for larger dogs over 50lbs in weight.

Discount Heartgard Plus Chewables

It's now easy to buy Discount Heartgard Plus Chewables online without a prescription and since this is a medication needed all year long for the entire life of your pet we would recommend you buy online to ensure you get the very best prices. But, if there is anything you do not understand or are unclear on do speak to your vet as it is important that any heartworm medicine is used correctly. To make even bigger savings many pet owners opt for Generic Heartgard Plus as that is now available in chewable form.