Hearthstone is an awesome free online card game and a fun addition to the Blizzard gaming family.  Following the World of Warcraft theme, Hearthstone brings a casual yet amusing and addictive experience.  For many of us who play the game, it can become time consuming trying to earn gold every day to buy packs of cards with the goal to open up a legendary card.  Legendary cards are considered the best cards in the game.  This article is for those wanting to make the most out of their time by earning great cards and building the best decks without spending hours and hours farming 3 wins for 10 gold. My three suggestions are (1) take advantage of the quests, (2) build a deck that will win fast, and (3) get to a level where you can win frequently. 

Take advantage of the quests

Blizzard wants us to take the lazy way out and buy cards every chance we can get so we can play like a pro “right now”.  Let’s face it- this strategy will cost hundreds of dollars to complete, and it will take thousands of hours to think like a pro and make all the right moves. A healthy alternative to the “now” lifestyle is to farm like a pro by using quests correctly.  Quests are tools to be used to earn extra money while playing either ranked or unranked games.  They enable you to earn money by winning games as a specific hero, by killing minions, playing with certain minions, or doing damage to the enemy hero.  The best way to be completely efficient is to stack quests as illustrated in the following example:

Example:  I have three quests – Win 2 games with Druid or Rogue, Win 2 games with Rogue or Warrior and Win 5 games with Druid or Rogue. Since quests stack, I should choose Rogue.  This way, I can win 80 gold with only 2 wins!  If I prefer Druid over Rogue, then I also have the option to throw a quest away every day for a new one.  When I throw away the Druid or Warrior quest, I am given an alternate quest in its place.  


Build rush decks to win quickly

Rush decks are known to the Hearthstone community as an “Aggro” or Aggressive Deck.  These decks focus on small, cheap minions to punish your opponent quickly before they can obtain powerful cards to win the game.  These decks win games by beating the opponent on turn 5-6.  The strategy is to ignore whatever minions the opponent puts out and attack the enemy hero directly.  Each Aggro deck needs finishers, like a fireball from the Mage, or Doomguard from the Warlock.  Since the cheap minions have done so much damage early on to the enemy hero already, cleaning up can occur very quickly and effectively with powerful damage cards.

Farm at Ranked Level 15

Once you have your über rush deck ready and are winning your games quickly, the next step is to find a level where you can win frequently.  The best place to do this is in ranked mode level 15.  Why level 15?  Ranked levels 25-17 tend to be people wanting to try out all the monsters in the game and they can be problematic without a good priest deck to steal and destroy their monsters.  Once most players reach level 15 they have gained some confidence and better cards. This means two things: they are trying out new tricks and new cards, but they aren’t likely to have as many legendary cards as the players at higher levels (1-10Your job is to exploit their deck’s weaknesses by rushing them down and making them react to everything you do, rather than you reacting to their every move.

Once you start winning, you’ll soon find yourself facing harder opponents.  No need to panic.  Since your goal is to efficiently farm gold and get cards you only need to join a game and instantly surrender to drop down the ranks back to level 15 where your winning percentages will be highest.      

In conclusion, be sure to stack quests by lining up heroes and quests that match well, build Aggro decks to win quickly and move up the ranks fast, and farm level 15 to beat inexperienced players who are looking to practice new and ineffective builds.