Heat Surge Electric Fireplace Review

Heat Surge Electric Fireplace Review

According to the US Department of Energy [1], you can save 20% on your monthly heating bill by using zone heating.

Wouldn't a warm and cozy fireplace help to heat your room on those cold fall and winter evenings? A fireplace is a costly installation if you're planning on adding one to your home but, you could still have that warmth and coziness of a fireplace for a fraction of the cost and none of the mess with the Heat Surge Electric Fireplace. It's much safer than a portable electric heater too.

It has many benefits to quickly and easily heat any space that is a cold spot such as living room, bedroom, basement, the kitchen or the bathroom without heating the entire home. I personally own it and highly recommend it for heating a cold room or for adding a romantic touch!

Appearance of the Heat Surge Electric Fireplace

This electric fireplace is offered in three different finishes that can coordinate with your home, apartment, boat or cabin.

Cherry Finish

Light Oak Finish

Dark Oak Finish

The heat surge electric fireplace is 32" long, 11 1/2" wide and 25" high so it easily fits in any room of the home. See the one I purchased here.

Features of the Heat Surge Electric Fireplace

  • American Made for those that want to Buy USA made products
  • The mantle and surround are made from 100% real wood by the Amish in Ohio, USA and does not use wood chips or particle board
  • Researched by the BBB (Better Business Bureau)
  • Safe Fireless Flame and fireless flame logs with safety glass without sparks
  • Ability to see the burning embers that burn in a random pattern that look 100% real
  • Offers warmth to an 18x18 sized room
  • The Heat Surge Electric Fireplace is portable with wheels so can easily be wheeled into any area of the home to warm the room you are spending time in, allowing you to turn your furnace thermostat down to save money
  • Mantle surround encases the entire unit for a real and true fireplace appearance

Additional Features

  • Arrives completely assembled in one piece, simply remove from the box and plug in, what could be easier
  • Includes two remote controls with dimmer capability for a lighter or darker flame glow and thermostat control from low to high heat
  • Thermostat settings can range from 750 watts to 1500 watts to allow you to control the heat temperature of the room
  • The thermostat feature allows you to keep the temperature setting when the desired room temperature is reached
  • Dimmer capability allows the user to set the ambiance required from the lightest flame glow to a higher and brighter appearing flame

Infrared Technology

  • The infrared technology works by channeling the heat more evenly and faster in the room
  • Infrared technology works by convection heat through a heat lamp and forces the warm air into the room by a fan


The basic unit costs less than $400 plus shipping and handling. I've seen them for around $200 on sale. It also has a base that can be added for extra if you want it to sit up higher.


Additional Pieces Available

  • Heat Surge offers a complete hearth stand for those that want or need a taller unit. These stands come in the same finishes to match the existing units and cost is $200.
  • Add a surrounding bookcase to each side of the fireplace for a complete built in look for an additional $248.

For me, owning this smart unit can reduce your monthly heating bills if the furnace thermostat is turned down and is able to nicely warm the room being used to the desired temperature and then setting it. Many people have experienced a reduction in their heating bills while others claim no such reduction. I wonder if those with negative reviews have maybe not known about the high and low heat settings - they just might need to make a simple adjustment. Ours is now over six years old without a single problem. My parents also bought one and had the huge bookcases included for a very impressive unit. In my experience and using this fireplace only as a zone heating item, it works well, is very safe unlike many portable electric heaters, looks authentic and can create ambiance in a room. I think it would make a nice gift for yourself or someone on your gift giving list.


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Heat Surge Portable Fireplace

This is the one I have and love

Heat Surge Fireplace with Amish Made Mantle Oak
Amazon Price: Buy Now
(price as of Jul 13, 2014)
The mantle is fully created by the Amish who take their time and use quality construction.

I give the Heat Surge Fireplace a 5 star rating

I'll add my own photo of it in our bedroom soon!

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