If you own a dog, then it is probably a part of your family, and most likely lives indoors with you. But sometimes your dog has to spend a lot of time outdoors, for example if your dog is a watch dog, a farm dog with a job, or a dog that just prefers to be outside, and in which case they need a heated dog house.

Most people think, that just because a dog has a fur coat, it should be warm enough in the winter months. But those winds can be bitter, and this is very hard on your dogs health. Creating a heated dog house is one way to combat the cold winds and the damp, and keep him warm and happy during bad weather.

If a heated dog house conjures of visions of your electric bill headed upwards, or just how are you going to get an extensions cord out to the compound and dog house, then there are alternatives to heating your dog house and keeping it warm.

Heated Dog House Plans - A dog does not need a heated dog house to be hot. There own body heat will heat it up somewhat, but only if it was built properly, meaning insulated against the wind and to keep the heat inside. There are many dog house plans on the market you can buy, that will do the trick. Just make sure the dog house plan you purchase is designed for insulation. Meaning it asks for 2 x 4's that will allow for some insulation to be installed.heated dog house plans

Also the dog house needs to be accessible, meaning a hinged roof, or some way for you to be able to get in there and clean it out when it needs to be cleaned. You can get cheap heated dog house plans at Amazon.Dog House Insulated with Deck Woodworking Plan (under 15 dollars!)

The dog house, should also be built on a foundation of some kind, such as patio stones, and then it should also be a few inches above that, so that there is air flow under the house. This will prevent the floor from getting and staying wet, which can cause mold to form, which is bad for the dogs health, and your dog house will not last long.

If you can, it is great to build a bit of a hallway in front of the dog house, almost like a igloo entrance, so that the main part of the dog house is not exposed to the snow and rain. If you can't do this, at least install a "curtain" type thing out of burlap or carpet or something similar that the dog can go through to get into the dog house, but will fall back and stop the snow from blowing in to the dog house. You can always remove this in the warmer weather. Think of it as a storm door.

Heated Dog House - Bedding is the answer to the warmth. You can get heated pads that you heat up in the microwave and place inside your dog house bedding. You can use the insect resistant dog beds that you can get for outside dogs, and then you can get little heating pads that can be placed in the dog bed. But you will have to do this every night.

This will keep the dog house heated enough for the dogs body heat to also warm it up, and keep the chill off. Some of these microwavable pads will stay warm for up to 12 hours.

Heated Pet Bed - The other alternative is an electric water proof heat pad, that can stay on low, buheated dog houset you will need some kind of power outside. Before you have visions of your electric bill through the roof, these specially designed heated pet beds use approximately 80 watts and keep the heated pet bed at a nice 100 degree temperature, with the internal temperature control built in. These outdoor pet beds are designed specifically for using in a dog house, garage, front cold porch, barn, or anywhere the floor is going to be chilly and the room unheated. They are UL rated and have a washable fleece cover to keep them clean. You can get these at Amazon

These are a great way to create a heated dog house. So, if your dog needs to stay outside in a dog house, or in the barn or garage, or cold front porch, consider him or her on those really frosty nights, and consider treating him to a heated pet bed. This can also be used indoors for arthritic dogs or if you keep the house cold.

So, by creating the right environment, you can have a heated dog house. Just make sure you 1) Build it on a foundation with an air gap underneath. 2) Insulate the dog house to keep the heat inside and the heat outside in the summer 3) Give the dog house a curtain style door so that the snow does not blow inside. 4) Heat him from underneath. By treating him to a heated pet bed.

There are many ways to keep your pet warm in the winter, and considering a heated pet bed is one way to created a heated dog house.

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