If you stand at work, or in your workshop, or even in your basement, and your feet feel the cold, then you should consider getting heated floor mats. If you have been considering ripping out your floors and getting in floor radiant heating to avoid these cold areas at the floor level, then before you spend all that money, consider the cost of a heated floor mat.

These use very little electricity, are thermostatically controlled, and totally waterproof, so you can also use these at the door for pre-warming boots, shoes and mitts. The heating element is encased in the rubber so there is no danger of electrical shock, overheating or fire. They have all been pre-tested and they are set to the right temperature by the manufacturer, but you can adjust the temps.

You will notice the difference right away, as you don't feel like you are standing on a "hot" mat, you just notice that your feet and ankles are not cold anymore, which makes your whole body feel warmer. The electric heating inside of these heated floor mats, is designed to radiate upwards, and you don't feel any hot spots under your feet. Just total comfort.

You can get heated floor mats at most home improvement stores, but they are also sold for great prices at Amazon online. INDUS-TOOL Cozy Foot Warmers Insulated Heat Matsheated floor mat

So, if you find that you feel cold in your workshop or your basement, and don't like the idea of heaters blowing all the time, or expensive additional electric heaters to take the chill off, consider a heated floor mat. You can park it right in front of your work bench, the wire is quite long. You could get a few of these depending on where you do the most standing. This way you don't have to wear heavy boots or shoes to stay warm while working away at your bench.

They are made of heavy duty rubber, and consume about the same power that a regular light bulb would use, which is a lot less then those additional electric baseboard or blower heaters you may have been using for that extra heat to warm your feet.

The problem with those other heaters, is that they may blow in your face and chest and get your face hot, but do nothing for the bottom part of your body. So, if you do a lot of standing in one spot, then save the money on trying to add additional heat to an entire room, and just warm yourself!

These heated floor mats, are perfect for working in the garage, or at work. If you work in a colder environment, and need to stand a lot, get your boss to consider one of these heated floor mats, instead wearing your big winter boots and trying to stay warm. They can also be used to dry off wet boots overnight, as it is totally waterproof. It could save your boss some money on heating. Plus it is better than standing on the hard and cold concrete floors that many garages, workshops and basements have.

This is a great alternative to other expensive heating options, such as ripping out the floor to add radiant heat or adding additional electric blowing heaters to bring the temperature up. The in-floor radiant heat works well, but is expensive to install, so if you mostly stand in one spot for your hobbies or work, then consider heated floor mats and keep your feet and ankles warm, no more cold chills on the feet!

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