What is heated flooring? Have you ever walked into your bathroom on a cold or cool morning with bare feet? That floor is cold, right? Would it not be nice to have a warm floor greet your bare feet instead? Imagine how good that would feel.

A warm floor will not only feel good on your feet, but it will radiate heat into the room. This is the concept behind heated flooring. The floor is heated and it heats the room.

They say that the concept of heated floors started in Korea some time ago. The excess heat from stoves was channeled under the floors which in turn heated the floors. The advantage was that these channels could go to warm the floors of other rooms which had no stoves. The warm floor, in turn, radiates heat into the room.

Radiant heat floors work by having a heating element underneath the flooring itself. A continuous heating element is added to the underlayment. The element snakes back and forth under the floor in a pattern that will result in even heating distribution. The floor goes on top of the heating system.

There are two methods used to heat, electric and fluid. With electric, a resistant wire is used to provide the heating element. In a fluid system, pipes are used to carry heated liquid.

Because the heating system goes under the floor, many types of flooring can be used. You can have a heated tile floor or heated wood flooring. It does not matter, since the heat comes from under the floor and not from the floor itself. Even carpet can be installed over the system.

Heated flooring was once considered a bit of a luxury many years ago. Today, this option is affordable to most new home buyers. It can also be a do-it-yourself project.

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Heated flooring is a great element to consider if you are replacing the floor, or building a new house. Consider radiant heating flooring in a room that is above a garage. Also heated tile floors in the bathroom are a nice addition. And finally, radiatant heated flooring could save you energy if you by only heating the areas where and when you need it.