We are all trying to conserve energy, and turning the heat down in the winter is one way to do it, but none of us like to be cold. This is no different at work, where many office buildings are not super insulated and when they turn down the heat, our feet are the first things to notice. This is where a heated floor mat, or heated footrest can do the trick, without add big costs to the electricity bill.

If you tend to work at a desk all day, your feet will feel any drop in temperature, as the cooler air will linger around your feet. You can use a portable heater, but that just causes a lot of noise and basically blows hot air on your face or your legs, and is not a even heat, plus is takes a lot more power.

Using a heated floor mat, or a heated footrest, uses the same amount of energy as a light bulb, and yet keeps you warm. There are no "hot spots' to worry about, they are waterproof, and you can be in your sock feet or your work shoes, it doesn't matter, the heat that radiates from these heated floor mats and/or heated footrests is gentle heat without fans, and keeps your feet and legs warm, which in turn tends to make your feel cozy too.

Nothing worse that cold feet, it feels like you are sitting with blocks of ice on the floor, and does not make for a good work environment.

As long as you have access to an electrical outlet, your only decision is what type of heated floor mat do you want? One that sits flat on the floor as pictured, or one that can sit at an angle for your feet. Some people like to use a footrest anyways, to have their feet on the right angle to feel comfortable. This way, you get the footrest as well as the heat.

But maybe you prefer to put your feet flat on the floor, or work at a counter more often, then a flat heated floor mat will do the trick. Indus-Tool Cozy Electric Foot Warming Pad #FWheated floor mats

These heated mats are waterproof, and totally safe from any electrical shocks. They have thermostats to control their heat. You can turn on just to get them warmed up and then turn them off if you prefer, they keep their heat for a long time, or you can leave them on all the time, it all depends on just how cold your feet get!

You can get these at most office supplies stores, but you can also get them online at such places as Amazon. The Heated Footrest is affordable and ergonomic. Indus-Tool TT Toasty Toes Ergonomic Heated Footrestheated footrest

This is a great way to still feel warm at your desk without having to dress like your are heading to the ski hills. If your feet are warm you will feel warm. This way the office heating doesn't have to be set high, and you can get that additional heat under your feet for less.

These heated mats are also a great addition to a home office, especially a basement office, where the floors tend to be on the cold side, even if you have carpeting. Most heating systems in the basement tend to have the heat registers on the ceiling which basically blows hot air, which tend to stay at the ceiling as we all know, heat rises.

By having a heated mat or a heated footrest, you will feel toasty and can keep working comfortably without having to purchase additional blower style heaters, that can cost a lot more to run.

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