I personally find winter can send cold to your bones if you do not dress warm enough and make you miserable.  If you can keep your neck, hands and feet warm and dry then you are more likely to get through the winter and maybe even enjoy it!

This microwavable thermal heated scarf and hand warmer is perfect for a cold winter.  It can also be used indoors if you simply are feeling chilled and want to wrap yourself in warmth.  All you need is a microwave.  It is totally washable and easy to use.

There are no wires or batteries to worry about, simply put in the microwave and then wrap it around your neck to wear with your coat and you will feel the warmth instantly.

It also has the ends folded over so that you can put your hands in the scarf to stay warm with the included hand warmers you can even keep your cell phone warm in the same pockets.

I am not a fan of the cold and will do whatever it takes to have that extra edge on winter.  Staying warm and dry makes the cold more tolerable. Heated ScarfCredit: Amazon.com

Contains Natural Aroma of Cinnamon and Ginger

Once heated you will not only feel the warmth but also relax with the gentle aroma of ginger and cinnamon.   Be careful not to overheat, everyone’s microwave is different but once you get to know exactly how long it is needed in the microwave, you can use it as part of your going out routine.

Put it in while you are getting the rest of you ready.  This is a fashionable scarf too and no one will even notice you snuggling into the warmth and aroma.

You don’t have to use this outside either, you can wrap this around you while watching TV, great for tension and for having a much needed nap.

This is a natural tension booster.  I love anything to do with aromatherapy as well.  This is not overpowering, just a gentle aroma that you will get once it is heated up.

There are lots of affordable ways to stay warm this winter.  You can get Boot Warmers to keep your toes toasty and now this heated scarf to keep your neck and hands warm. 

Heading out into the cold doesn’t seem as bad when you are warm from head to toe. 

Great for Neck Pain

If you suffer from neck pain from being parked in front of that computer all day, or the tension you get after that long drive home then make yourself a warm beverage and then heat up this scarf and then sit back and relax in the comfort of the warmth.  This works really well to release tension and aches and relax you with the pleasing aroma.

Winter Walks

If you love to walk the trails or simply around the park in the winter and find yourself huddling in your coat, then warm up this scarf before you head outdoors and you will be surprised how long you will feel the warmth, you may even stay out longer.

This is the perfect way to stay warm and snuggly this winter.