Warming Slippers

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Heated slippers and booties are a must for those who get cold feet easily. I am such a person and I can't do without them in my colder than cold apartment. Once the weather gets in the 30's I dig out my electric booties. Actually, I have all sorts of heated socks and slippers to get me through the winter as well as electric blankets as well as other types of heated and thermal wear. There are a couple of reasons for this and they are poor circulation, and as mentioned above, a very cold apartment. If you're in similar circumstances then you need to keep reading.

Before we get into the types of heated slippers and booties let's learn a little about their benefits. Did you know that they can help you sleep better? It's true and I can attest to this, because when my feet are cold they wake me up, but when I wear my heated socks or booties there is no such problem. Heated socks and slippers also make tired achy feet feel better and if you have an outside job and feet are cold for hours then a pair of soft comfy heated booties will make your day. Another benefit is that they increase circulation in the feet, so they provide a form of heat therapy.

There are several types of heated slippers, booties and socks that are excellent for keeping feet warm in cold weather. One of the most popular types of heated slippers are the microwavable ones and they're just as simple as they sound, put them in, take them out, and put them on. However, some heatable slippers have an insert that you heat up and slip back in and others you simply heat the shoes. If you want heat to stay constant then you can opt for usb heated slippers. These types work great while sitting for long periods at the computer as I am doing right now. Then there are battery heated slippers that you can use on the go anytime or anywhere.

Heatable booties are similar to heated slippers, but are typically more plush and fluffy and come up higher to the ankle. The electric booties aren't really designed to walk around in like the slippers, since they design them with the heating element in the bottom. If you want to walk around then it's best to go with the microwavable booties. Naturally, I have both this way I can wear my electric booties for lying or sitting for long periods and wear the microwavable ones when active.

Heated Slippers and Booties- Brands & Prices

Carex is a popular brand of heated footies and booties. One of their best sellers is the Carex Bed Buddy Warming Footies that sell for under $10. There are 61 reviews on Amazon with a 4 star rating if you want to check them out. They're one size fits most and made of polyester fleece and come with a lightly fragranced scent pack to set the mood for relaxation and comfort.

Cozy Toze is another brand of heatable footies and slippers to take a peek at. Most of  their heated slippers are under $20 and come in several colors and styles.

Earth Therapeutics comes through with their ultra comfy anti-stress microwavable comfort booties priced at $25. They are made with 100% organic filling and are designed for both hot and cold foot relief with aromatherapy blends and have 24 reviews with a 4 star rating.

Dream Time offers their Pampered Sole Foot Cozy's as well as other Dream Time blankets, throws and wraps to keep you warm in winter. Priced a bit higher at $40 and up, however, they do have plenty of positive reviews and ratings on Amazon to back up their quality brand.

Herbal Concepts Hot/Cold Comfort Booties are microwavable and come with a physician formulated herbal blend to relieve stress and foot pain. These heated booties have 17 reviews with a 4 star rating and are priced under $40. Guaranteed to give you happy feet!

ValueRays USB heated Slippers are the ultimate cold foot solution when sitting at the computer. They sell for $20 and provide infra red heat with a 65 inch cord no other software required. You will get a steady flow of heat so that you can relax in warmth and comfort.

This list of heated slippers and booties are some of the most popular ones on the market, so you really shouldn't need to look any further.