Pet beds come in many different designs and colours, but getting heated pet beds adds even more to the equation. In this article we'll take a look through at the things you need to look out for when buying a heated pet bed and also a look at cat radiator beds.

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Vinyl pad heated pet beds

One of the most popular types of pet beds with heat is using a vinyl pad insert. The pad is inserted into the base of the bed then zipped in with the beds fur. This is ideal for the pet to have comfort from the fur base but with the warmth underneath to keep it warm.
The vinyl pads come with internal thermostats to keep a correct temperature and have a pet proof wire to connect it to the mains.

Most of the vinyl heated pet beds are machine washable, but can be sponged clean just for the odd stain. Most of these beds are the soft type having the fabric built onto a foam base to keep the shape of the bed.

These beds are great for an adult pet, but can be easily destroyed if your pet is prone to chewing. If you need something more 'pet proof', then the hard plastic bed will be better.

Heated pads

Another great option is the heated pad. These come in to different deigns - the vinyl and metal heated pads. The vinyl pad is normally zipped into a fur 'envelope' and laid directly on the base of the bed. The metal pad is slightly different in that the whole bed is put on the pad.

The metal pad is better if you are raising kittens or puppies as a bigger bed can be used. Some cats in particular like to give birth in a box with just a small opening at the front making them ideal for the heated metal pad. Both of these pads again come with a long length of reinforced wire making them pet proof.

Memory foam pet beds

These orthopedic memory foam beds are great for an older pet suffering joint problems and come in the full size range to suit small cats to the largest of dogs. They again normally have a washable fabric skin and have the heated pad zipped inside the base. These are more difficult to get, but can be found at good pet retailers on the internet.

Cat radiator beds for single and double radiators

These are extremely popular with cats in the winter and consist of a wire frame that slots together and then a fur cover on the outside. They simply hook over the top of a radiator and give great warmth to your cat. If you have more than one cat, they will need a bed each as there's not a lot of room for multiple cats. The fur covering on these beds is easily washable and you can get extra covers from the manufacturer.

The prices on all these products do vary quite considerably depending on if you want a complete bed or just a heating pad for occasional use. The majority of these heated beds are not normally available through high street retailers, so ordering on the internet is the better option.

The days of using a hot water bottle covered in the fur bedding are now long gone, and you can now easily keep your pet warm on even the coldest nights with some of these products.

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