Heathrow to New York flights are the most popular you can take from London Heathrow. There is no busier airport in the world than London Heathrow and New York is its most popular destination of flights.

There are approximately over 25 Heathrow for New York flights each day, mostly to John F Kennedy international airport but there are over 5 flights a day to Newark liberty international airport.

Most Heathrow to New York flights are operated by British Airways

Of these flights most are run by British Airways who have their world wide hub at London Heathrow. Operating out of the recently constructed Terminal 5 complex, British Airways are the biggest user of London Heathrow, providing eight flights a day to John F Kennedy airport and 3 to Newark liberty international airport.

Other airlines that offer daily flights are American Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, and Continental, who fly to Newark only, Delta, Air India, Kuwait Airlines, Silver jet, Zoom UK, and EOS Airlines. So there is plenty to choose from especially if you are looking for discount flights to New York or even just cheap flights to New York, in fact you would be hard pressed not to find some good deals on this route as there is much choice.

Many different people use Heathrow to New York flights

Many people fly this route for many reasons, it is a very popular route for business customers but there are also many tourists who travel to New York looking to sample the delights of the big city for a holiday.

Indeed there are many agencies that offer special packages for tourists to New York at great prices. When travelling to Heathrow, it is a good idea to leave plenty of time to get there as it is notoriously busy around the airport.

There are many different ways to get to the airport, if you are in Central London, then you might want to consider getting a taxi direct to the airport and although this may cost a lot of money it will save the inconvenience you may incur taking public transport. There are also many public transport options to get to Heathrow, from the direct Heathrow Express rail link which travels from London Paddington Station to the slower London Underground link with the Piccadilly Line travelling to all five terminals.

Depending on the airline you choose to travel with will depend on which terminal you will need to get to. If you are travelling with British Airways, you will travel from Terminal 5 but if you are travelling with any other airline, it will be with any of the other 4 terminals.

Once they have departed Heathrow to New York flights take approximately seven hours to cross the Atlantic to get to New York.