Are You XXL? - Sleeping Cots For Camping

Ok, so you love camping, but you are a "larger" person. You carry more weight on your frame or maybe you are tall, but either way your camping trip is not that comfortable when you have to rely on a camping air mattress for a good nights sleep. Enter the heavy duty camping cot.


Heavy Duty XXL Sized

Over Sized Camp Cot

Kamp-Rite Oversize Kwik Cot
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Before you hit the back button with visions of a spindly legged lounger type camp bed, that is going to fold up on you, bend, or have you sagging in the center, giving you that dull aching back the next day, then you should be aware that you can get a camping cot that is designed for the larger framed camper.

If you need extra support at night, then maybe you have stopped going camping because it has taken you weeks to get over the achy feeling after a night rolled up on a spindly little cot, or on the ground with a deflated air mattress.

There are now specialty camp beds that are built with steel legs and a larger size frame. You can get them measuring 85 x 40 inches designed for the XXL. These heavy duty camping cots can also hold up to 600 pounds, yet they are affordable.

But the fear with a heavy duty sleeping cot, was that it would not be that portable and not really user friendly. But they have now designed these to not only be able to take the frame of a larger person, but be able to fold down with a carrying case for easy storage with your other gear while packing.

Folding With Side Bags

Put a decent sized sleeping bag on this heavy duty camping bed, and you can enjoy outdoors again. There is the support you need to stop you from drooping in the middle and the steel frame for great support too. They put together easy too, no need to be fussing setting up your side of the tent. This is also a great way to keep you off the ground, especially if you have a hard time getting up from the ground level.

So, if you are a larger person, or maybe someone who has a back problem, but still want to go, then consider getting a heavy duty camping cot designed for the XXL. It is larger and tougher built and will take the weight.

Normally you would set this up, make sure it locks in place, and then throw your sleeping bag on top. But if you have a really sensitive back you can get additional padding for this camping cot for extra cushioning support.

This is also sturdy enough to use at home as a spare bed. So, after you unload your camping gear, consider keeping this in your closet for those extra guests.

Shopping for camping gear can get expensive. But you should take a look through an outdoor store and see some of the latest gadgets and camping aids that are on the market now. Everything is designed to fold down or break down for easy packing too. Not everyone owns a large van!.

So, try and remember past trips, and what could have made it just a little bit better. Then make a short list of "must haves". You can check at your local outdoor store, or you can also shop online to compare prices. But check out the latest in camping cots and camping gear and upgrade your next camping trip.