Heavy Duty Paper Shredder

Fellows 79Ci

Using a heavy duty paper shredder to shred documents with your personal information is one of the ways that you can prevent identity theft. Paper documents like bank statement, health insurance information and certain pieces of mail may contain enough information for thieves to come along and steal your identity- costing you lots of money and headaches. If you have accumulated a backlog of documents that must be shredded before they are disposed of generally have a high volume of shredding to do on a consistent basis then your best bet would probably be to invest in a heavy duty paper shredder. The Fellowes Intellishred PS-79CI paper shredder is a heavy duty shredder that is available for under $200.


The Fellows Intellishred PS-79CI has a feed capacity of 14 sheets of paper per pass. This beats the capacity of most regular duty paper shredders that generally have smaller feed capacities of about 5 to 9 sheets of paper. The high capacity feed of this shredder makes large volumes of documents less tedious. What’s more is the feed slot is 9” inches wide allowing for larger documents to pass through. This Intellishred shredder can also shred paper clips, stables, credit cards, cds, and dvds.


Did you know that one of the leading causes of paper shredder malfunctions besides placing metal in the shredder is paper jams caused by feeding too many sheets of paper through at a time. The per pass feed capacity on the PS 79CI shredder makes you less likely to overstuff the feeder. The 100% Jam Proof System prevents paper jams and the powerful motor eliminates jams that would other wise be detrimental to the working order of other paper shredders.


One of the most appealing aspects of this shredder besides the heavy duty capacity is the  ultra-quiet performance. The Silent Shred noise technology makes operation whisper quiet. This is a great feature for small office spaces where use of a shredder might hinder other’s work or disrupt a phone call.


Cross cut shredding action makes for more secure  paper shredding. When compared to strip cut shredders the difference is like night and day. Cross cut action makes it virtually impossible for shredded pieces of paper to be reconstructed like a jig-saw puzzle. The Fellows Intellishred 79Ci Heavy Duty Paper Shredder has a security rating of security level 3. The lowest security level being level 1 which is meant for general documents. The highest security level being level 6 which is for top secrets shredding.


For large jobs regular paper shredders won’t do the trick. Fellowes brand Intellishred 79Ci 100% Jam Proof Cross-Cut Shredder is a great heavy duty shredder available for under $200. Most people hat to hassle with shredding documents especially if they have a large amount of paperwork to shred. The 79Ci shredder eliminates most of the problems that people associate with paper shredders such as paper jams, a loud, noisy motor, and low paper feed capacity. People who have suffered through these problems should consider a heavy duty paper shredder such as this.