What is a Heavy Metal Detox?

We all know how important it is to eat a healthy balanced diet, but sometimes we absorb harmful metals into our body. With the amount of pollution in our environment today, too much of these substances can really harm our bodies and make us feel very unwell.

Metals can be absorbed into the body in many different way such as drinking water from the tap which is not filtered, pollution that we breathe in and also dental fillings. An overload of metals in the body can make us feel drained and make us suffer from fatigue.

Usually our kidneys and liver can remove these metals from the body, but over time there can be an overload of metals in the body where our organs cannot handle.

Some of the symptoms that you may experience are extreme fatigue, regular headaches, skin irritations and also digestion problems. By doing a heavy metal detox, you will be eliminating these harmful pollutants from your body and gaining better health.

Starting a Heavy Metal Detox.

Heavy Metal Detox

There are many types of Heavy Metal Detox treatments that you can do today. A natural way of removing toxins from the body is from a sauna. By going to a sauna for 20-25 minutes you will be releasing toxins from your body through sweat. Another benefits of this kind of detox is that you are helping out your kidneys from over working too much.

Taking supplements that target the removal of harmful metals is also effective. Zeotrex which is a powerful supplement can remove these metals and work by using the power of nano zeolites and organic ingredient. This type of detox is also popular as it is very safe and not harmful to the body. Another reason why this supplement works so well is that it is very easy to take as it is in a liquid form. By adding a few drops to filtered water daily, it can effectively remove toxic substances from the body.

While on a Heavy Metal Cleanse it is best to increase the amount of vitamins you put into your body. Vitamins such as magnesium,vitamin b, mega-h and chlorella will boost your immune system and you will be feeling a lot more alert and less tired.

By reducing the amount of heavy metals entering the body, you will also gain better health. This can be done at home by using a water filter as well as a filter in your showerhead. Make sure that you change your water filter at least every 3 months for best results.

To reduce the amount of toxins entering the body it is important that we reduce the amount of processed foods in our diet, get more exercise and also stop smoking if you are a regular smoker. By doing this, you will gain better health and will have less fatigue and other serious health issues. For some people this may be hard to do especially if they have had a bad diet in the past. By slowly adding good nutritious foods into their diet, they will find it a lot easier to complete this type of cleansing program.

Exercising regularly while on this detox can really speed up the process and remove those extra build up of toxins in the body, but remember to do only light exercises such as walking.Doing regular exercise can also help strengthen the body and help fight it against infections. Once you complete a heavy metal detox, you will have a much stronger immune system as well.