Hedgehog Cage Buy or Build

Owning a hedgehog is great for most hedgie owners, the love and companionship that one feels is a trademark of hedgie ownership, but the one thing any hedgehog owner can't do without is a quality cage to house the little critter in.

Some people decide to build their own cages due to various reasons such as price of new ones, or maybe the stores don't have any that is to their liking for whatever reasons. If this is an option to explore on your part here are a few tips to think about.

Materials- Obtain safe durable cage materials that are easy to clean, have good ventilation, won't harm your hedgehog in any way, and provides plenty of room for exercise and other things such as water and feed elements.

Hedgehog Cage Items to Keep in Mind

Hedgehog Home
Whether you buy a new hedgehog cage or build one some other things to keep in mind is the temperature and humidity level that the hedgehog should be kept at as these animals require a temperature range of approximately 73 to 76 degrees and a decent humidity range to remain healthy and happy.

If you have other pets in your household your cage should be safe and prevent any attacks and or overly aggressive play from any other animals.

Offer some play items in your hedgehog cage, much like allot of creatures if they are happy and content they will make time to play at times. Something as simple as a paper towel tube that is left over after the towels are gone is a great toy and some pvc pipe in the cage to explore may be perfectly fine as well. Just make sure the pvc pipe is big enough for the hedgie to maneuver in.

A nesting area for the critter may be a wise choice as well. It offers a cozy spot to sleep and hide. Something such as a small overturned box with holes cut in it may be a good choice.

Bedding For Hedgehog Cage

As for bedding material for the cage there are allot of choices to decide upon. Wood chips come to mind first as this is a popular choice amongst many but may not be the best. This may be a choice you should experiment with and find what’s best for you and your hedgie. Some complaints with regard to wood is it holds the smell of urine and feces matter and also could carry toxins if it is from certain types of wood. Your pet store should be able to advise you on the proper type bedding.

Whatever route you decide to go with the cage doesn't matter as much as having a happy hedgie that makes all the happy sounds, plays, and forages in their environment that you have provided for them within their hedgehog cage.