Some Enjoyable Facts About These Little Critters

Hedgehog Facts for discoveryHedgehogs are small animals with quills that have been around along time, these amazing little animals look adorable and cute, they sort of have a nice porcupine kind of look, some say racoon type look, they are small and usually weighing less than 3/4 pound, it can fit easily into most adults curved hand.

Hedgehogs are most famous for their full set of quills - stiff, hollow, pointed "needles" which can do anything from lie perfectly flat when your hedgehog is content to stick straight out as a method of defense when your hedgie is frightened. These quills are not barbed, or poisonous, or dangerous but it is possible to accidentally get yourself poked. Children especially will not appreciate the surprise of getting quilled.

Additional Hedgehog Facts

Some hedgehog facts that make these animals great pets as opposed to the common household pets are:

  • They do not spread dander like hairy pets.
  • Hedgehogs are quite animals for the most part.
  • Not much shedding.
  • Don't need grooming.
  • Each has their own little personality traits.
  • They don’t give off much odor if any at all.
  • Can be litter trained, not all of them, but many can.
  • Don’t need much room, just a decent size cage.

These animals have a lot more to them than most people know. For instance some more hedgehog truths are that these animals are nocturnal in nature meaning they are active and hunt mostly at night hours, on top of that they are hibernators as well, and spend a great deal of the winter months in hibernation mode. This behavior still exists among domesticated hedgehogs - however - in this case hibernation can be quite dangerous as one's little spikey friend will go to sleep and be unable to wake up. For this reason hedgehogs must be kept in climate controlled cages ranging from 73 to 76 degrees Fahrenheit.

Hedgehogs are also known as "insectivores" which means, you guessed it - they like to eat insects. You should feed a balanced diet of various insects, pet food that is clearly marked as for hedgehogs, or a high quality cat food, and additionaly small amounts of fruit. Your local pet store should be able to help you out with all these.

The True Facts Of Hedgehog Ownership

With the proper care and diet, your pet hedgie can live to be 4 - 7 years old. Add to all of this the fact that they require no immunization shots and are very disease resistant and you can see why so many people consider hedgehogs to be the perfect pet. They unfortunately don’t live long but still rank highly as a pet.

Bonding with a hedgehog is quite different than bonding with other animals. The hedgehog has very poor eyesight, and their hearing isn't much better, so they bond using their sense of smell, which is highly developed. The more they smell you and know your scent the calmer and more content they will become.

Hedgehogs are special pets that require responsible pet owners. If interested in acquiring one as a pet do your research and see if maybe there is compatibility with yourself and the needs of such an amazing pet.