Heel inserts for loose shoes are a great way to avoid the pain of “breaking in new shoes” 

If you regularly purchase shoes that seem to fit well in the store, but then after a few days, they loosen up and then start to rub and cause blisters, then using heel inserts is a great way to avoid all that pain.

This tends to happen if you are purchasing leather shoes which can loosen up a bit after a few days of wearing them, or if you have one foot that is slightly smaller than the other foot (common).

If you can take a new pair of shoes and slowly get used to them, by wearing them a bit each day, then you will not suffer.  But sometimes no matter how many precautions we take with our new shoes you end up with a painful blister on your heel that you have to bandage in order to wear the shoes again.

But if you stock up with heel inserts for loose shoes, then you can avoid this problem and your shoes and your feet will be much happier.  If you have just purchased new shoes, get some of these inserts for heels and keep them in your purse or car, so that you can fix the problem right away if you are away from home, such as at work.

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heel inserts for loose shoes

When we buy new shoes, even those really expensive high quality ones, you walk around the store and everything seems to feel OK right?  But maybe you tried them on at the end of the day when your feet were slightly swollen, or you were in a hurry and really didn’t walk that far to test them, either way, they have started to loosen up, or maybe just one has loosened up.

Once your shoe starts to loosen, then you are going to get rubbing of the heel of the shoe onto your heel, and it won’t take too long to start getting a blister from this abrasion.

Heel inserts for loose shoes, are self- sticking and very soft.  They are made of durable soft leather with a soft cushiony surface, and will fit the form of your shoe like a glove, taking up that slack area that is causing all the rubbing on your heel.

They are totally affordable and you can get them for any styles of shoes.  The shoe stores usually sell them as well as discount department stores and you can also get them online at sites such as Amazon.

Heel inserts for shoes, simply fit snuggly into the heel of your shoe.  Make sure they have stuck well to the back of your shoe you don’t want them trying to peel off while wearing them.  Once in your shoe, the adhesive will keep them there.  They will not migrate anywhere.  These are a really cool addition to your wardrobe of shoes.

Many people have one foot slightly smaller than the other.  In this case you may only get a blister or a sore area on one heel, the looser shoe.  In which case you may only need to use one of these heel inserts for loose shoes.  They usually come in a package of two, but you can also get them in bulk and for other styles of shoes. 

Getting heel inserts for loose shoes, is a great way to save your feet from the scars of blisters and also that so called “breaking in” period of new shoes.  If you feel the slightest bit of rubbing on the back of your heel from the shoe loosening up, then get one of these shoe inserts in right away to avoid the pain of a blister.  Then go shopping for more shoes!