Alfred Sung is a Chinese born fashion designer that produces products for men and women. Some of the products include fragrances, apparel, and eye wear. The Hei Alfred Sung Cologne is one of Alfred Sung's most popular fragrance for men. It provides a masculine, minty, spicy and woody fragrance. One of the nice things about Sung cologne products is that they're reasonable priced. They provide desirable scents for men, without having to spend too much money. Cheap colognes that are desirable for women aren't that hard to find. Some of the fragrance notes found in Hei Alfred Sung Cologne are strong, desirable, and pleasant scents. The spicy woody fragrance give the cologne its masculine scent.

Fragrance notes found in Hei Alfred Sung Cologne

15 fragrance notes are found in Hei Alfred Sung Colognes for men. Violet leaves, bamboo leaves, bergamot, spearmint, aquatic accord, jasmine, neroli, fennel, cardamom, mahogany wood, cedarwood, tonka beans, amber, and crystal musk accord fragrances, providing refreshing, citrus, spicy, and woody scent for men. The top notes start with the bamboo leaves, bergamot, and spearmint. The top fragrance notes instantly gives the Hei Alfred Sung Cologne an orange, lemon, and citrus fragrance with a hint of mint as well. It's a refreshing scent that makes for a great summer time cologne for men to wear.

The the cardamon, violet leaf, lavender, jasmine, neroli, fennel, and mahogany wood give it a very interesting fragrance. The fragrances combine for a sweet floral, earthy, exotic, and spicy wood fragrance. Followed off with fragrance notes of aquatic accord, crystal musk accord, tonka beans, amber, and cedarwood. The Sung Cologne finishes with a gourmand, spicy, and woody fragrance.

Hei Alfred Sung Cologne fragrance scents can last between 6-10 hours. It's a natural outdoor cologne for men to wear. It's best as a daytime cologne with a subtle scent that's not overpowering. It's a modern men's cologne to wear that was introduced in 2002. It's recommended for adults to use as a day time and summer cologne.

Other Sung Cologne products for men

Sung Homme - The Sung Homme contains a citrus and spice scent. It's an older cologne for men that was introduced in 1988. It's a casual Sung Cologne for men to wear. It's definitely more of a spicy cologne than the Hei Alfred Sung Cologne. It's a great masculine cologne for those that like spicy fragrances. Some of the fragrance notes included are lemon, sage, tangerine and pepper. Contains a bit of a woody fragrance with its cedar and sandalwood. It's a cheap cologne, but another quality Sung cologne product.

Paradise - The Paradise Alfred Sung Cologne was introduced in 2003, and it's recommended as a romantic cologne. It's a citrus and fruity cologne. The scent life doesn't last very long though. An average of 1 to 5 hours. Some of the fragrance notes include tonic accord, marine notes, papaya, aromatic accord, cardomom, anise, white woods, sandalwood, musk, and fir balsam. It's a cheap cologne like all of Alfred Sung products.

Where to buy Hei Alfred Sung Cologne online

It's not very hard to find cheap Hei Alfred Sung Cologne products online. Alfred Sung colognes cost under $30 dollars for a 3.4 ounce bottle. You can buy Hei Alfred Sung Colognes online at,, perfume emporium,, and ecrater.