Heifer International – Charitable Giving

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." This is the core principle of how Heifer International operates. Often, when supporting a charitable organization, donors have to wonder if their gift is really making a difference. Often, food ends up in a warehouse, spoiling before needy families get to use it. With Heifer International, there is no wondering, no reservations; their support gets to the families all over the globe that require help with food and financial need.

Heifer International has a website where you can browse their catalog of gifts to give to needy families. These recipients live all over the globe, including some here in the United States. When you donate, you choose the livestock that they purchase and distribute. For example, for $20, you can purchase chickens that will provide eggs and meat for a hungry family. More generous donations can be made to purchase animals like a cow, providing milk, cheese and income for the family that receives it.

How does an animal give income to a family? Excess production from livestock can be sold and the funds may be used for clothing, shoes, school supplies for the children or better housing for the family. Better yet, donations benefit the whole community, as the recipients are encouraged to share offspring with their neighbors, growing the benefit of a single donation throughout the town or village. These gifts truly teach a man to fish!

Heifer International also has a print catalog that can be distributed among friends and family. Better yet, Heifer donations make the perfect gift, and the catalog can be given perhaps with a card explaining the donation made on the recipient's behalf. Another way to give is to make a commitment to a monthly donation (as little as $10), making the donor a "friend" of Heifer International.

The stories on Heifer's website make the realization of their goals evident. Families thrive and communities grow with each donation. When deciding to donate to charity, consider the long-term benefits Heifer International provides for families worldwide and support them generously. For more information, visit www.heifer.org. They accept donations online, and catalogs can be requested on their website.