B95 BeerTender

A Heineken beer keg dispenser can make for great draft beer in the comfort of your own home. Heineken beer is a very refreshing brew. Deciding which Heineken beer dispenser to buy will determine the budget you're willing to spend, and the kind of kegerator beer that you need. If you're going to do draft beer right, you need a kegerator. A good beer dispenser won't be cheap, but will provide you and your buddies with a nice cold brew of your favorite draft beer.

A Heineken beer keg dispenser is different than typical American beer keg dispensers. There's two different kinds of beer keg dispensers. Mini kegs, which hold up to 5-Liters of beer, and a kegerator that holds an entire keg of beer. If you just need a beer dispenser for camping trips, vacations, fishing trips, then a Heineken mini keg would do. A mini keg holds about 12 packs, and comes in specialized Heineken beer keg dispensers for a cold and refreshing taste.

If you're planning to go all out, have a lot parties at your new place, or you're creating a rec room in your garage, or basement, then you'll need a beer keg refrigerator. A full kegerator beer is not cheap at all. They easily cost in the thousands of dollars range. This article will help you find exactly the kind of beer keg dispenser needed for your Heineken beer.

Heineken mini keg

A Heineken mini keg can come in variety of different models. There's a lot of different places to shop online, where you can compare prices on different popular Heineken beer keg dispensers. You'll need a specific heineken beer keg dispenser for your brew. I'll list some popular Heineken beer dispensers.

B95 BeerTender - Product brand is krups, keeps brews cool and fresh up to 30 days. Makes for a great product for camping trips, fishing, or vacations. Features a Ultra-Quiet Electronic cooling system. Can keep up to 5-liters of cold Heineken brew. Features a cleaning kit, and can be used for outdoor or indoor use.

Vinotemp Heineken Mini Keg Beer Dispenser - Can hold up to 5-liters of cold Heineken beer. Comes in black, and features a AC and DC power adapters, cleaning kit, Heineken adapter, black dispenser handle, and a drip tray. Comes with a thermoelectric cooling system.

Edgestar Deluxe Mini Kegerater & Draft Beer dispenser - Hold ups to 5-liters of cold beer, that features AC and DC power adapters, chrome faucet, that comes with a black dispenser handle, and has a thermoelectric cooling system. This Heineken keg beer dispenser is rather light, and easy to travel with.

Full Heineken beer keg refrigerator

When buying a full beer keg refrigerator, you'll need to purchase a coupler tap that dispenses Heineken beer. Most keg refrigerators come with a Co2 regulator, Co2 tank, and the coupler tap included. Most kegerators support American brews, and come with a coupler D system.. There are beer keg refrigerators that come without a coupler tap. You can purchase a kegerator, then purchase a S system keg coupler tap to dispense your Heineken beer. You need a S system coupler to dispense Heineken beers..

It's harder to find beer keg dispensers with European coupler systems. However, Summit doesn't make beer keg refrigerators with the option of purchasing a European coupler, that will dispense Heineken beer. You can find these kegerators at mypopcornmachine.com. These are expensive beer dispensers, and can go from prices ranging from $1,000-$3,000.

Places to buy a Heineken beer keg dispenser

There's a lot of places online to shop, but if you want a discount on prices, shop at amazon, or ebay. You can usually purchase beer keg dispensers, especially mini kegs for a discount price, compared to retail. You might want to check out places like kegworks.com, or beverage factory for full kegerator refrigerators. If you're looking to save money on a full kegerator, you can also consider just turning an old refrigerator into a kegerator. Places online like kegworks.com and beverage factory will sell kegarator parts for your kegerator.

Make sure you shop for exactly the right couple tap needed. American standard, D system coupler won't work for a Heineken. A Heineken dispenser needs the system S coupler, which is similar to the US coupler, except that it is 1/4th longer. Check my article out on the kegerator parts needed, if you're thinking about converting your fridge into Heineken beer keg dispenser.