Women of the Month

How would you feel when you cannot see or hear? Definitely the answer will be the worse of thing that you would have ever imagined or sometimes can’t even dare to imagine. No colors no sound, things are just like the print carved in the mind of a deaf and blind person by himself. In our view their life seems to be a misery. But now it’s not the same for every deaf and blind.

The reason that makes her remembered till decades is the courage and spirit that she showed being deaf and blind women. That has now become an inspiration for not only women but also for the all those who are challenged from physical disorders. She was the first deaf blind person to achieve Bachelor of Arts degree. With help of her teacher Anne Sullivan Helen earned number of titles in her life. Anne was the woman who made Helen’s life blossom like a flower filling colors in her darkest parts. She was the one behind her success making efforts in teaching the language and communication skills. The hard work of both was proved in the play and the film The Miracle Maker. Moving ahead in her life Helen was on her way to be a fecund author.

Helen’s Childhood and Education

Helen was not deaf and blind from birth. It was not until she was 19 months old. Suddenly she was caught by savior illness causing an acute congestion of stomach and the brain which might have been meningitis or brain fever as described by the doctors. Though the illness didn’t last for a long time but it left its scares on Helen’s life making her deaf and blind forever. She tried to communicate by making her own signs and coming till the age of 9 she had over 60 homes signs to communicate with her family.

Contacting many doctors, institutes and schools finally Helen’s parent got a teacher for teaching her. Anne Sullivan immediately started teaching Helen to communicate by spelling words into her hands. The first word she taught was doll that was the present that she brought for Helen for the first time. This does not happened to be as easy for Anne as Helen was frustrated because she did not understand that everything had a word to identify it. After a month a big breakthrough was observed when she recognized the word water when her teacher was making the word on the palm and running cool water on the other hand, in the same way she learned to identify other objects. In the year 1888 Keller attended the Perkins institute for the blind moving on to the Wright-Humason school of deaf then entered the Cambridge school for young ladies. She maintained a correspondence with philosopher Wilhelm Jerusalem who was the first person to discover her literary talent. She achieved the Bachelor of Arts degree. Helen wanted to be a lecturer and writer. But Anne said her to be a teacher and pass on what she taught Keller.


Helen was soon a prolific author of America and wrote many successful books. Being kind hearted and of helpful nature Keller started doing campaigns for the sack of suffering of women, welfare of the deaf and blind, worker’s right and also became member of the socialist party of America. She went to become a world famous speaker and author. People remember her as an advocate for the disables. She opened Helen Keller international organization with George Kessler. This organization was devoted for the research of vision, health and nutrition.

She worked for the American foundation for the blind. She had many contacts with some of the political that gave her the support and benefit to work for the welfare of the people seeking help. Helen never lost her sight of the needs of the other blind and deaf. She was always willing to help them by any source like appearing in front of legislature, writing articles, giving lectures and of all she herself was an examples for all disables.  


  1.  The Frost King- written in the age of 11 in 1891.
  2.  The Story of My Life- written in the age of 21 in 1903. An autobiography of her life till 21 including the efforts of Anne and Anne’s husband, John Macy. A book consisting with the words written by Keller.
  3.  The World I live In- written in the year 1908. Giving reader an interview of how she felt about the world.
  4. My Religion- a spiritual autobiography published in 1927.
  5.  Light In My Darkness 
  6. The Song Of The Stone Wall
  7.  Out of The Dark
  8.  My Later Life
  9.  Peace At Eventide
  10.  Helen Keller In Scotland
  11.  Helen Keller’s Journal
  12.  Let Us Have Faith
  13.   Teacher, Anne Sullivan Macy
  14.   The Open Door

Along with these she also contributed frequently in writing articles for magazines and newspapers on the topics of blindness, deafness, social issues and women’s rights. She used Braille typewriter to prepare her manuscript which then copied on a regular typewriter.          


Helen was awarded with numerous awards and honors in her life time that counts as

    * Brazil’s Order Of Southern Cross
    * Japan’s Sacred Treasure
    * The Philippines’ Golden Heart
    * Lebanon’s Gold Medal Of Merit
    * The President Medal Of Freedom
    * Alumnae Achievement Award
    * Americas Award for Inter-American Unity
    * The Gold Medal Award from the National Institute of Social Sciences
    * The National Humanitarian Award from Variety Clubs International
    * National Women's Hall of Fame

In her later life she suffered from a serious stroke that made her spend her last year of her life at home. She abandoned funds for the American foundation for the blind. June 1, 1968 a dark day for everybody as a shining star held the breath forever.  She died at the age of 87 years leaving memories of her great works inspiring people to make impossible thing to be possible.

A famous quote by Helen Keller “Although the world is full of suffering, it is full also of the overcoming of it”.