One the most extreme skiing experiences out there is heli-skiing. Not for the faint of heart heli-skiing is almost exactly what it sounds like – basically being flown up to a massive high up off piste run and jumping out the helicopter to start your descent! You get to ski in a natural environment as opposed to other forms of skiing found mainly in ski resorts which are manipulated using powder snow. You get one of the most untamed skiing experiences available with fresh powder on slopes that barely see any visitors ever.

Heli-skiing is one of the most dangerous forms of winter sport there is; thanks to an inherent risk of avalanches and damaging yourself from rocks, falls and other injuries. Normally though heli-skiing is done with a guide and you can do it on more gentle slopes if you’re not an absolute expert skier.

One of the absolute best places for heli-skiing is British Columbia. In fact it is one of the most sought after experiences as the region has been enjoying heli-skiing for over 40 years. This area is renowned for its continuous snowfalls and cool temperatures and the variety of terrain on offer, ranging from the truly terrifying to the sedate woodland descents make it ideal for heli-skiers. The various attractive mountain ranges provide for thrilling skiing at all times anyway so this is a great destination.

With various operators offering their services, anyone who wishes to heli ski will always get a variety of packages to choose from. At the same time, despite this place having a lot of light that makes all-day skiing possible, the sun does not affect the surface of the snow; therefore it always remains quite soft and fluffy for smooth skiing.

Despite the inherent risks anyone can try their hand at heli-skiing. With the right equipment and an experienced guide, you don’t necessarily have to be an expert to enjoy the thrills. Guides will always examine the fitness levels of skiers in order to ensure everyone gets their ultimate skiing experiences without any risks. But while you don’t have to be a stunt skier to participate in heli-skiing, it is not a sport for beginners. Even intermediates would have to be quite strong in order to cope with the different snow conditions. Most operators will group skiers according to their abilities. This means that even if a skier is unsure of their abilities, a good operator would be able to help them out.

In British Columbia there are actually terrains suitable for family heli-skiing. Though it’s expensive you will get to enjoy fantastic panoramic views as well as a more sedate and leisurely ski through some safe but more off the beaten track ski environments.

BC really is the best place for heli skiing in the world. The annual snowfalls of up to 15 meters around the mountains are ideal for all kinds of winter sports. At the same time, there are trees that provide protection from harsh weather; while at the same time providing better visibility for skiers. The trees also ensure that the snow is not affected much by wind while giving skiers the advantage of skiing around them since they act as skiing obstacles. You’ll usually get to ski an impressive 7000 meters or more from a single drop and this really is the pinnacle of skiing experiences; one that every serious winter sports enthusiast should try once.