Want To Fly Helicopters In Idaho?

The state has a wide need for helicopter pilots

With vast areas of wilderness, a booming raw materials industry and several metropolitan areas, there are plenty of helicopter jobs in Idaho. And that's not even counting the military helicopter pilot gigs; which for the purpose of this article I'll leave out because I'm assuming if you're an active duty pilot you're not looking for a job!

But back in civilian world, there are plenty of opportunities to fly choppers in Idaho. In fact, there is so much demand for pilots that at least one helicopter school at the Caldwell Industrial Airport is offering a deal where you can finance the cost of the flight training and not pay any interest on the loans until you land your first pilot job.

That tells me that there are more spots than there are people to fill them. Nobody in their right mind would put together a deal like that if it were the other way around.

Mining Helicopter Support Jobs

Idaho might be known for its potatoes, but it actually has a very large mining industry, particularly in the northern part of the state. Gold, silver and other minerals are harvested from the ground in record numbers, and almost every major company uses helicopters in their operations.

Logging Helicopters

Helicopter pilots have become a major asset to logging companies throughout the world, including Idaho. Choppers are used to haul lumber from site to site, and their maneuverability makes them a much better alternative to trucks, especially in areas with no roads.

But be ready for a challenging work atmosphere! This isn't a job for low-experienced pilots, as carrying logs is very dangerous. The upside is that these pilots make great money. Heli-Logging, as it is often called, is a very lucrative career field, especially in Idaho.

Medical Helicopters, aka "Life Flight"

Helicopters play a vital role in the emergency medical industry, ferrying sick and injured people to hospitals when traditional ambulances won't work. For instance, if the injury or illenss is very life threatening and the distance from the hospital is very far.

As an added bonus, you'll rest easy knowing that you're helping people at when they need it the most.

Helicopter Flight Instructor Jobs In Idaho

If a "corporate gig" isn't your thing, maybe you should consider teaching. Instructing new students is a great way to make money while building your hours at the same time. You might even find that you enjoy teaching so much that you'll actually become a career flight instructor.

You have two choices should you choose to instruct: Join the staff of a helicopter flight school or teach on your own. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, namely the fact that you'll need your own helicopter if you teach without being associated with a school. That said, you won't owe the school any money for your efforts, either.

Where To Find Helicopter Jobs In Idaho

You can check the traditional employment portals, such as newspaper classifieds and online job forums, but don't forget about non-traditional options such as Craigslist. And if you really want a Helicopter Job In Idaho, spend some time speaking with pilots in the field you're considering, because they might offer some valuable insight and even know of open positions that haven't been advertised yet.