Travelling around the place via helicopter sound exciting as it does exotic to most people who spend their lives with their feet placed firmly on the ground. But what if you could afford to take a helicopter ride to your office each morning and home again each evening and leave the rush hour madness to the rest of the poor folks who don't have that option? Would it cease to have that exotic and special appeal? Or would it be such a boost to your confidence and improve your quality of life to such an extent that to so back to driving to and from work would represent a serious and major step backwards in your life? Let's look at the benefits or helicopter rental as a viable means of beating the rush hour madness and bringing a new meaning to the world of commuting.

Before we can really understand the huge benefits that travelling to and from your place of work by helicopter rental can bring, we need some contrast. So let's first look at the mainstream methods of commuting to the office or place of work where it means travelling from the suburbs or satellite towns into the centre of the city.

Most people tend to use one of two main methods of getting to and from their workplace. That means using either the car or some form of public transport.

Using the car to go to and from the office if it is located at the centre of the city invariably means battling your way through the rush hour traffic jams and hold-ups that can be extremely stressful and agitating. You will likely be tearing your hair out by the time you get to work from all the incidents along the way such as red lights, idiot other drivers, pedestrians with a death wish and the odd police officer who insists on stopping your car out of several hundred to give you a random breath test. In other words, driving to and from work is stressful in the extreme, which is bad for your health and sanity plus it takes up a lot of time.

Commuting by public transport is often no less stressful than going by car. The incidents that cause the stress are just a little different. Take for instance travelling by commuter train. While you won't have to deal with drivers, traffic lights and other obstacles on your journey you will have to wait on crowded platforms for trains to arrive that may be late or even cancelled. Train carriages can become very crowded and you can be packed in like sardines. Travelling by bus is no better as you have to wait around for them to turn up. You may need to change buses once or twice to get to your destination, with each change meaning a further wait for the next bus. Fellow passengers can be a mixture of passive, aggressive, belligerent, sweaty and smelly, talkative or play music on personal stereos or get excessive cell phone calls.

Leave all that behind and opt for helicopter rental as your preferred means of commuting and you get a first class seat with the best view in town! Your journey is cut from the hour or two it normally takes to just several minutes and you arrive at work, or at home feeling refreshed and exhilarated.

The cost of that helicopter rental ride may seem expensive in terms of cold hard cash at first. But when you factor in all the many costs of commuting by car or public transport that include those of your health and your time you will see that initial high cost becoming rather more competitive with what you are doing on the ground. Think of what an hour of your time is worth that is wasted sitting in traffic or waiting for a bus. Think of what the additional medical bills will come to because your health is suffering thanks to all that additional stress. Not to mention the exposure to the polluted environment of the roads or being stuck up against a hoard of snivelling, coughing, cold ridden fellow passengers!

Suddenly those helicopter charter services look a whole load more inviting than they did a few minutes ago!