Many online writers try quite a few different websites before they settle with a few firm favourites. It is best to weed out the dead losses from the enjoyable or profitable websites before you invest too much time and effort. Over time most online writing and community websites change and it is important to keep uo to date with such changes in order to reap any beneifts.

Personal experiences

I first began writing for over four years ago. Like most of these websites you will need to invest more time and effort initially than later, in order to reap any rewards at all. Ideally, in time, a reasonable amount of passive income should be possible with little effort.

If you have not signed into your account on a particular website for a long time things may have changed beyond recognition. This may also have had a negative impact on any potential earnings.

Over the last few years Helium has made many changes. Some popular, some not and some positive and a few rather negative. However, some of these changes could mean that you need to update old articles if you want them to continue to make you any money.

For instance:

  • The word count of Helium articles has changed in recent years. If your old article was very brief it will no doubt be languishing at the bottom of the pile or even have been deleted.
  • Helium has tightened some of its writing requisites. Helium no longer likes to see headings and sub headings typed in capitals.
  • It is possible now to add links to webpages from keywords in your articles.

These are but a few examples. They are given though to explain the importance of signing in at least occasionally.

Some time ago Helium also added writing and rating stars. These have a bearing on your earnings and need to be maintained. At least a minimum amount of stars should be maintained.

It was also decided that inactive accounts, and their articles, would no longer earn passive income. If an account was rarely, if ever, accessed, then any potential earnings would be distributed to the Helium active community.

This obviously means that if you are a member of a website such as you need to:-

  • Log in from time to time.
  • Check the latest rules and regulations.
  • Update your work to meet the new standard requirements, at least.

Leapfrogging your Helium articles is the way that members edit, correct, amend and so update any of their work.

Leapfrogging enables you to correct any typos but also increase the word count, remove capital letters where necessary and simply keep abreast of any changes. If you do not your articles will be simply wasting away and earning you nothing or very little.

When you edit your Helium article this way your peers on the site decide whether or not to accept your article. In some cases what you feel is a much better article could be rejected. However, if you have a certain star rating you can override this by simply contacting the content advisor at Helium. This option is only available to tried and trusted Helium members but it is useful.

On the whole I cannot stress enough how important it is to regularly edit and leapfrog your Helium articles. Personally I think it should be a work in progress. If you are a member and have not signed in recently perhaps it would be worth doing so. This could be simply to read the new rules regarding Helium writing.

Each member is only allowed 20 leapfrogs in a particular time frame and so it can take some time. However, you may find that your article which is ranked 20 out of 20 suddenly is ranked first out of twenty. For such a small effort that has to to be worth your time. It could also improve the articles earning potential and yours, if your star rating improves.

I still have far too many articles that need editing but do so as and when time allows.

Having put these articles on any website, isn't it worth making sure that they carry on making you money.