If you love pink and body jewellery, then you are going to love Hello Kitty Belly Button Rings.

Belly button ring with HelloKitty design 1.6 / 14G , 10MM
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(price as of Sep 2, 2018)
Hello Kitty Logo on Black Background Belly Ring
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(price as of Sep 2, 2018)

This is a line of belly jewelry that has the cute pink kitty face trademark and is a quality piece of body jewellery.

Made using surgical steel posts, these pieces are of high quality, and are very popular for showing off that belly this year.  This brand is on tons of products out there from kid’s toys to jewellery, and it has that familiar cute kitty face.



If you love or collect anything with the Kitty on it, and also happen to love body jewellery, then you should add this piece to your collection.  The colours are vibrant, and they just add that bid of charm to the look.

Body jewellery, has become more fashionable lately for all ages.  You can get everything from real diamond studs to dangling rings for the belly and more.  The beauty of a belly piercing is that you can choose when to let it be seen.   You can wear a simple stud one, while at work under your blouse, and then a cute one when you are wearing those shorter tops or your bikini on the beach this year.  There is nothing more adorable than this cute kitty face.

These are delicate looking and not too heavy, plus many people will match them up with their swim wear as part of their jewellery accessories. 

If you have been thinking about getting a belly piercing.  Make sure and go to someone licensed, and professional.  Word of mouth is a good way to find out the good ones.  You need to take good care of it.  So, if you are, wanting to sport one for this summer, you should get it done early because there is proper aftercare that needs to be addressed before you can start changing them around.  You don’t want to get an infection.

There are a lot of these on the market now, as this has become one of the most popular body piercings.  If you have pierced ears and have trouble with certain metals, then chances are you are going to have the same problems with your other body piercings, keep this in mind before opting for one, or be prepared to pay extra for good quality silver or gold posts. 

But surgical steel posts are quite common and usually well tolerated, but you will have to experiment.  If you love the idea of a piercing and the cool Hello Kitty brand you can get now, but are scared of the procedure, or are not sure if you want something that permanent, then consider getting a fake belly button ring for now and see if you like the idea of wearing one or not.,

You can get these in body jewellery stores, but you are going to find the largest variety online at such sites as Amazon, and affordable as well.

So, if you have a "kitty" diary, books, earrings and more, and just happen to have a belly piercing, then consider getting one, and you will enjoy good quality, and a conversation piece.  Also see Clip on belly button rings and Maternity Belly Button rings