If you love the Hello Kitty Brand, and you love pink, then check out the pink microwave oven that you can get to match your décor.

These are perfect for the student heading off to school in the dorm or small apartment.  This is a compact size, but fully functional unit with programmable settings with 700 watts of power and 10 power levels.

It may look kid like, but it is a quality built unit.  Appliances, especially small appliances used to be housed in “countertop garages” as they called them and other little cabinets where they coulPink Microwave OvenCredit: Amazond be hidden from sight, as most were very basic and not too pretty and usually quite heavy.

But now, designers are creating compact sized lightweight appliances for small spaces and yet functional and fashionable enough to be left out in sight, and to actually be a part of the fun décor.

Hello Kitty 0.7 Cubic Feet 700 Watt Microwave - MW-07009

You can get many themed small appliances now online at sites such as Amazon, it is worth surfing around if you are looking for something a little different either for yourself or your kids!  If pink is your thing and you have a small kitchen space, you can get Hello Kitty themed mini fridges as well as this style of a pink microwave oven.

In a small space you have to consider your kitchen as part of the décor, this may include open shelves and limited counter space.  If there is no room for a standard size stove or fridge,  or you are trying to outfit a dorm room, then at the very least a mini fridge and microwave can be used for a single person to store and heat up food. 

You can also get microwavable kettles and dishes to make cooking their own meals that much easier without too many appliances and fuss.

So, if you want to make a bit of a statement in that dorm room or small space or maybe for yourself in your mini bar or in that recreation room, then getting the Hello Kitty pink microwave oven or matching pink mini fridge freezer would make a great addition. 

They are fun and definitely would make a great conversation piece.  Add other pink items to your room, and now these small appliances are part of the décor.

So, if you are looking for a great gift idea for that student going away to school, especially one that loves the colour pink, then these would remind them of you every time they use them!  These will instantly decorate the room and create a cheerful setting.

If you have someone in your family or amongst your friends that loves anything to do with pink or the Hello Kitty brand, then they will definitely love the idea of a Hello Kitty pink microwave oven to add to the collection.

If you are shopping for that student heading off to the dorm or small space apartment or room, then consider shopping online.  You can get a larger selection of unique items that can help them express their personality while decorating their small space.