A pink mini fridge can make a great gift for the student going away to school,  kid’s room for those cans of pop and snacks, or basement bar. 

You can get Hello Kitty brand on the pink fridge freezer that really shows off the refrigerator. This one measures 1.8 cubic feet and fits and chills cans of pop and other beverages and snacks quite quickly.  It has leveling feet and easy to pull in and out shelves.  It runs very quietly and smoothly and fits most electrical outlets.

Fridges don’t have to be ugly,  they can be a part of the décor of any room.  If you are looking for a pink fridge freezer for your bar, recreation room or for your kid’s room and they just happen to be in love with the Hello Kitty brand for clothes, jewelry and more, then check out the line of small appliances such as this pink mini fridge.

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This is Awesome!

SAKAR 76009 Hello Kitty Mini Fridge
Amazon Price: $65.25 $47.51 Buy Now
(price as of Nov 2, 2016)

If pink is your favourite colour, then why stop at just the walls?  Having a pink mini fridge would definitely make a bold statement and would be a convenient place to cool your drinks.  It would make a great conversation piece, and a collectible in time.

If you have a student heading off to school away from home, they can usually put in a small mini fridge and a microwave to help with food expenses and make their own meals.  This style would make the perfect gift for a student who just happens to love pink and the Hello Kitty brand.

You can find many different styles, sizes and colours of refrigerators.  Large or small they are part of the room décor, no longer just that lump in a corner to house the drinks.

You can go shopping in many appliance stores and also large box electronic stores for compact appliances and mini bar fridges that would also work for the student heading to dorms this year or for that compact small apartment.

hello kitty mini frdigeCredit: amazon.com

Add to Your Decor!

Hello Kitty Mini Fridge
Amazon Price: $54.00 Buy Now
(price as of Nov 2, 2016)

But you can get a much larger inventory of these online.  Shopping online is a great way to find something unique and just a bit different to express your personality and create a conversation piece.  Who wouldn’t notice a bright pink fridge freezer?  Or a Hello Kitty Pink Fridge and maybe the microwave to match?

If it is only for one person, these smaller compact mini bar fridges and microwaves work well.  They don’t take up much space and hold enough for one person.  So, whether it is for your kids going away to school, or for your teen’s room for when they have friends over, or for your mini bar in the recreation room in the basement, why stick with the plain colours and designs?

Find something a little different, and now that pink fridge freezer doesn’t have to be a hidden part of the bar or rec room, it can be front a center.

There are all kinds of colours when it comes to compact mini appliances, you just have to do a bit of shopping online at sites such as Amazon and you will see the huge assortment that is available such as red ones, black ones and more.