Fun, Cute, and Stylish Designs for All Ages

Hello Kitty Tote Bags are available in a wide range of styles, colors, fabrics, and delightful designs. They are really cute, functional, and fun, and should be on your shopping list for their versatility. The Hello Kitty tote bags are super portable and inexpensive, and will make a great purchase for girls, tweens, teen, young women, and fashionable ladies of any age. They are well made, reasonably priced, and are guaranteed to turn heads every where you go. Whether you’re shopping for Christmas gifts (Black Friday and Cyber Monday), a birthday, a baby shower, wedding, graduation or whatever -- the Hello Kitty Tote bag is the thoughtful present that your friends and family will love!

Hello Kitty tote bags, from Sanrio, LoungeFly, and others, can be very useful for a number of your daily and Hello-Kitty-Tote-Bagweekly activities. To fully appreciate how many different ways these bags can be used, here's a list of uses for your Hello Kitty tote bag to make your life easier each and every day:

• Obviously it’s great to use as a shopping bag. Isn’t it better for the environment not to let the local pharmacy or grocery store give you a plastic bag for just a few small items. Keep a Hello Kitty tote bag handy and you’ll never use a store bag again! (This is also a great idea because some stores have started charging a small fee for their bags.) At the mall, at your favorite department store, this is a handy thing to have with you to carry your purchases. Planning a big trip? Bring a couple of these bags along -- since they are so strong, you'll never have to worrry about double-bagging or dropping everything in the store parking lot.

School teachers have been bringing tote bags to work for years -- but no matter line of work you are in, these bags are useful to carry books, reports, documents, sales data, sample products, and more. There are such a wide range of styles that you can find one that will fit your workplace. And if you are in sales, the cute, fun, modern stylish design ofHello Kitty Tote Bag(65870) your Hello Kitty tote bag will likely help you easily strike up a conversation with potential customers and clients. You will close that deal!

•Going to yoga class, step aerobics, zumba fitness class, or the gym after work? -- Use the tote bag to carry your exercise clothes, yoga mat, towel, ipod, sneakers, and more. Have an appointment with an elliptical machine, exercise bike, or stairmaster? Perhaps weights, martial arts, tennis, or golf is more your style? Whatever you do to work out, a great tote bag is the perfect travel companion for all your stuff.

•When visiting relatives during the holidays, use your tote bag to bring all of your Christmas gifts, food items, egg nog, and more! After the gift exchange (what did you get??), your bag will be useful to carry your own new holiday gifts home! (Of course they make nice gifts as well, and many recipients are glad on Christmas morning to find out that the gift IS the tote bag AND includes the Hello Kitty tote bag itself!

•Many women of all ages just use a tote bag as their complete pocket book or purse. It has more room than most handbags, and you can easily carry all your normal purse items plus lunch and a beverage, extra reading material for your commute, and many other things. As a stylish handbag, the Hello kitty totebag is so unique that it can easily go with a range of outfits so you’re sure to find one that matches your style and personality. Why be constrained by the space available in a small purse?

•Young kids, tweens, and teens love to use Hello Kitty tote bags when they go trick-or-treating at Halloween. It’s the perfect bag to carry all that wonderful candy, and goodies without any risk of breaking like a grocery bag. It is also possible that the Hello Kitty theme can match the costume of your child. 

•The Hello Kitty tote bag is great for a range of teen/pre-teen school and after-school activities like band - easily holds a flute, clarinet, trumpet, or drumsticks and their sheet music. In addition it's great for cheerleading practice, and a range of other activities like dance, ballet, soccer, softball, basketball, swimming, karate, piano lessons, lacrosse, and so much more. You can imagine it being used for a different activity every day of the week!

•They are great for bringing library books home for reading in your cozy chair. These Hello Kitty tote bags can be a great way to carry a casserole dish to a potluck dinner, or to visit a friend, relative, or neighbor with a home-cooked meal or cookies, brownies, a cake, or other desserts. The fabulous Hello Kitty design on the bag will also likely bring a great big smile to their face -- it's a very popular kitty all around the world - don't underestimate the charm of Kitty White!

•What else can you imagine?? There are so many other ways that this would be useful. What can you imagine? Yes -- the Hello Kitty tote bag, shopping bag, shoulder bag, pocket book, purse, or handbag would be perfect for that too! So whether it's for you or as a gift, this is clearly a good choice.


Get one of these Hello Kitty tote bags today because they are fun, stylish, useful, and cool! With all the colors and fabrics available, you will definitely find one that’s perfect for you or as a gift for all ages. It is so useful, it will become an important part of daily life - yours or theirs! If your friends or loved ones already have a Hello Kitty handbag, backpack, watch, hat, pajamas, or even vans shoes, or bedding -- then they will definitely LOVE a Hello Kitty tote bag.