Hellraiser Movie PosterWhat are some of your favorite Hellraiser movie quotes? An odd question to ask someone who you have recently met, I thought. I regarded him for a moment and wondered how he knew I would even be interested in this movie (it’s one of my favorites). There seems to be something about fellow fans of this film that bonds them together unlike anything I can explain. You can get a certain feeling from total strangers, a certain vibe if you will and if you get a moment alone – you often figure out a way to bring up the subject. I smile at him and we begin to talk.

Hellraiser is a 1987 horror film written and directed by Clive Barker, based on his novella “The Hellbound Heart”. Some of the best known quotes from the classic film are spoken by the iconic monster known as Pinhead. Despite only being known as “the lead cenobite” in the credits, the character quickly took control of the entire movie with his eloquent speech and king-like appearance. Even I, a die-hard fan of zombie movies, have to concede that I find this film amazing. Every hard-core horror fan alive has spoken words from this movie, as well as from the sequels.

Acting Credits
Andrew Robinson – Larry (the naïve, but loving husband)
Ashley Laurence – Kirsty Cotton (the spunky daughter)
Clare Higgins – Julia (the cold and calculating wife)
Doug Bradley – Pinhead/Lead Cenobite (the well spoken monster)
Grace Kirby – Female Cenobite (the sexy cenobite)
Nicholas Vince – Chattering Cenobite (the muscle)
Oliver Smith – Frank the Monster (the dark side of a mad man)
Sean Chapman – Frank (a seeker and fellow explorer)
Simon Bamford – Butterball Cenobite (the sneaky one)

Famous Movie Quotes from Hellraiser

Frank Cotton
• Don’t look at me.
(skinless Frank walking towards Kirsty) Come to Daddy.
• Jesus wept. (before being torn apart by the Cenobite hooks)
• Come here, damn you, I want to touch you.
• I thought I'd gone to the limits. I hadn't. The Cenobites gave me an experience beyond the limits... pain and pleasure, indivisible.
(to Julia) Every drop of blood you spill puts more flesh on my bones, and we both want that don’t we?
(to Kirsty) What do you do? What can you do?
(wearing the Larry skin) Well… so much for the cat and mouse sh*t.
(wearing the Larry skin/while stabbing Julia) It’s nothing personal, baby.

(to Kirsty) No tears, please. It's a waste of good suffering.
• We have such sights to show you!
(answering who they are) Explorers in the further regions of experience. Demons to some. Angels to others.
• The box. You opened it. We came.
• This isn't for your eyes.

Female Cenobite
(to Kirsty, who is trying to get out of the house) Not leaving us so soon, are you?
(to Frank after hearing confession from eavesdropping) We had to hear it from your own lips.

Other Miscellaneous Quotes
• Asian Merchant: What’s your pleasure, sir? (selling the puzzle box)
• Larry: You wanna cookie, little girl?
• Kirsty: (when seeing Pinhead) Oh, sh*t.

Dialogue from the Film
1- Kirsty: It’s just a puzzle box!
Pinhead: Oh, no. It is a means to summon us.

2- Kirsty: You can go to Hell!
Female Cenobite: We can’t. Not alone.

3- Kirsty: This isn’t happening!
Skinless Frank: I use to tell myself that. I use to try and pretend I was dreaming all the pain, but don’t you kid yourself, some things have to be endured. And that’s what makes the pleasures so sweet.

4- Kirsty: You’ve done this before, right?
Pinhead: Many, many times.
Kirsty: To a man named Frank Cotton?
Female Cenobite: Oh, yes.
Kirsty: He escaped you.
Pinhead: Nobody escapes us.
Kirsty: He did! I seen him! I seen him!
Female Cenobite: Impossible.
Kirsty: He’s alive!
Pinhead: Supposing he has escaped us, what has that to do with you?
Kirsty: I can lead you to him, and you can take him back instead of me.
Female Cenobite: Perhaps we prefer you.
Pinhead: I want to hear him confess himself, then maybe. Maybe…
Female Cenobite: But if you cheat us…
Pinhead: We’ll tear your soul apart!

5- Male Victim 1: This isn’t the bedroom.
Julia: No
Man: So, what’s going on?
Julia: We don’t need a bed, do we?
Man: No, I suppose not.
Julia: I’ve always preferred the floor.

6- Skinless Frank: You can’t leave me like this. You can’t.
Julia: What do you want me to do?
Skinless Frank: The blood brought me this far. I need more. You have to heal me.

Taglines (from posters, commercials, etc.)
• Satan’s done waitin’.
• Demon to some. Angel to others.
• He’ll tear your soul apart.
• There are no limits.
• We have such sights to show you.
• It will tear your soul apart.
• Still Raising Hell (20th Anniversary)

Closing Thoughts
We spent several hours talking about our favorite horror film and its sequels, going over frightening sayings and key scenes. I couldn’t help but wonder if Doug Bradley (and his alter ego) hadn’t been cast or if the monsters didn’t look as scary as they did if the dialogue between the actors and actresses would have been so memorable. I’m always amazed at how many key decisions made throughout the movie making process could conceivably turn a film from bad to good or good to great – or vice versa. Our shift finally ended and we both headed to our respective homes knowing how rare the event that just took place really was. I had a dream that night – a nightmare, really. I had a nightmare about Pinhead.

Most good scary movies often have a fantastic new monster that has helped propel it from box office hit to cult favorite, but only the best produce a new horror icon. The people who bestow this label on a film are not the easiest ones in the world to please and you can be rest assured that when they do, it would be in your best interest to watch.

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