My main gaol with this article is to suggest a way to end poor concentration forever. This might be a lengthy process though and I realize that people want to know what actions they can take RIGHT NOW to help them with their concentration.

So I'll start off with five things you can do TODAY and get immediate results!

-PREVENT distractions - unplug the TV, unplug the phone if not needed, close down ICQ/Skype/whatever messenger you are using (or use invisible mode).
Don't open up the web-browser at all. If you need it for what you do get a second one (Mozilla, Opera, Chrome and Safari are popular choices) which you use for "work" only and don't bookmark potential time wasters in there.
Look around and remove all that time-wasting stuff now!
-Create a TODO list - pen, paper and a cork board can work wonders for your productivity. I like to create my todo list for the next day before going to bed. IMPORTANT - do not expect to check off ALL items on your list. Yes, it's OK to leave some of the less important tasks unchecked - you WILL do more then you would have without the list and that's what counts.
-STRESS leads to poor concentration. Relax, chill and take it easy! Honestly, I'd much rather be unproductive then stressed out. The negative effects stress has over your body and mind are just not worth it. Add "Relaxation" to your todo list and be sure it's one of the things you check off every day :). By all means, get enough sleep.
-Your DIET affects your ability to concentrate. Don't fall into the trap of the "health-maniac" though, as this can easily lead to STRESS. Simply choose fresh food whenever possible (fresh fruits and vegetables are awesome) and avoid caffeine, sugar, sodas and cigarettes and you'll be doing great!
-Do the counter-intuitive: If despite all effort you still find yourself slipping into inertia and repeatedly being distracted by unimportant things just STOP trying to concentrate. Do something else instead, but do it CONSCIOUSLY! Take a minute to relax or do something involving your body. This "exercises" will give you the feeling of control and will interrupt the self-sabotaging pattern. Use your increased mindfulness to get back to work.

The above list is a good start but wouldn't it be great if you can follow it effortlessly? In my experience this can be achieved through daily meditation. I just can't recommend it enough! There are many different ways to meditate and that's great because different people have different needs. Here are some guidelines when choosing your own practice though:
- you will gain more from meditations which focus on understanding mind, and not simply on relaxing the body
- it should bring "tangible" results
- it should not cost hundreds or even thousand of dollars
- you should be able to practice every day
I can't stress the last point enough. In general meditating for 10 minutes every day is infinitely better then doing it once a week for an hour.
Let your intuition tell you which meditation is right for you.
There are other techniques like NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) that one can use if the idea of meditation is unappealing. By all means find a working tool to tame the body, mind and emotions.
I'd like to share my opinion in regard to meditation methods with the disclaimer that it is neither religious advice, nor is it based on a thorough study, but it is simply my life-experience so far. I think that ultimately Buddhist methods, especially the Mahayana and Vajrayana way have the best potential for developing the mind. Their goals are very noble - reaching full enlightenment while developing compassion towards all sentient beings. Hindu meditations are also very powerful and have ways for quickly create the physical reality you want. I've been using the meditation from Wayne Dier's book "Manifest your destiny" for the past few weeks and I believe I'll be using them for a long time because the results so far have been great, especially my concentration level and my ability to follow through with my goals have improved greatly, while remaining very relaxed at the same time.

Right, so how do we eliminate poor concentration for good?
I believe that if we are not able to focus on our tasks there really are only three possible reasons for that.
The first two are mental conditions and laziness. I'll just skip those - if you are here, actively looking for ways to improve yourself then I don't think you're affected by such conditions. (If you believe you are, then by all means seek medical help...and let me know if you find a doctor treating laziness :) )

The biggest obstacle to great concentration however is being preoccupied with lots of little, unimportant things, lot's of "shoulds", "musts", "impossibilities" and self imposed limitations. Doing what you ought it be doing, instead of what you love to do is the greatest problem. Think about it - do you have problems focusing on an interesting conversation, playing your favorite sport or whatever you like to do? Of course not, keeping your focus on such things is natural and effortless.
Sure, in the real world you don't get to do fun things all the time - that's why we use the above "tools" as a shortcut through the hard times. The more you align yourself with your purpose, the more the uninspiring falls away!
"Yeah, I gotta find my purpose in life, I've heard that already!".
Well, I want you to hear it one more time. Being happy and fulfilled, and bringing that joy to others is the only thing worth living for. So what is the thing that will bring you so much joy that it overflows into the hearts of others? Chances are, you already got a very good idea what it is. You gotta work towards that ideal. As I said in the beginning, it might take time to get there, so I don't want you to get hyper-excited and burn all your energy in two days and then declair that it's "impossible". Your ideal has to be like the Sun - always shining, no matter what. Problems may arise but they are like passing clouds in ths sky. Clouds may come and go but the Sun remains.

I've written another article on concentration. In it I share my ideas on using "focused effort" as the best way to achieve our goals.:
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Under the following link you can listen to an hour of free audio, revealing a system for better concentration that Einstein used (it's part of a commercial product that I haven't tested myself and thus I don't necessarily recommend)
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