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This far into the offseason, most football fans are already at their wits end. Endless tapping through the channels on game day leaves you frustrated and empty. Somewhere in the back of your mind you know that nothing is going to fill that football shaped hole in your life, but you keep searching just in case something miraculously appears. This guide will give you some help. It’ll present you with some band aids that should go some way to keeping you sane in a football free world. Holy cow, I just contemplated a football free world! Let’s start before it all becomes too much for me too.


Re-live the season. Get online and download all of your team’s best games from the previous season and if your team stinks then go back a few more seasons. Was there a particular week when your guys spanked the Patriots against all the odds? Download it, and watch it all over again. The beauty of watching a recording is that the commercials have usually been edited out. You’ll still get a full game experience, but you’ll need to hit pause when you need to go to the can instead of going during the commercial breaks. Any search of the internet will turn up plenty of DVD quality, full length games. How you download them is on you, know what I’m saying?


Become a super fan. While you’re looking for all those games, you’re sure to come across plenty of other shows about the beloved game. The guys over at NFL Films have been making awesome stuff since Dick LeBeau was in short shorts, and that stuff is still readily available. They add more all the time too, so you can keep watching until the Cowboys come home. With America’s Game, The Missing Rings, A football Life, and others, the potential to learn is huge. Those guys who you call friends, the ones that you only see from September to February, will bow down to your new found knowledge, after you have digested what NFL films has to offer.


Celebritize. Is that even a word? Find all those old TV shows that have your favorite NFL stars in them. Remember that episode of the Sopranos where Lawrence Taylor is playing poker with the mob, How about the episode of Dharma and Gregg with Steve Young at the ‘Stick? Heck I even remember seeing Wayne Chrebet on MTV Cribs. If you can find some of these old shows, you can get yourself a double whammy of NFL goodness and genuine nostalgia.


Montage baby! Okay, this one is for those of you out there that have a lot of time on your hands. How many times have you gone onto YouTube to search for clips of your favorite plays or players, only to find that the videos that people have made are simply unacceptable? You know the type, you’re looking for that monster hit by Ray Lewis on Ocho Cinco and you find ten examples of the video shot with totally inappropriate rap music over a heavily pixelated video that loops eight times in slow motion at the point of impact. You just wanted to show your buddy how much of a beast Ray Ray was, but you end up looking like a douche bag while you click on bad video after bad video. Solve the problem by making your own.


Get outside. You may be 20 years old or you may be 50, either way you’re gonna know somebody young enough to go long. If you can find somebody to play with, you get out and work on that tight spiral. There are added benefits of course, fresh air and exercise. Most of us are allergic to hard perspiration, but then on the other hand, all of us are genetically designed to chase a football. This is a sure fire way to get you feeling good, and anything that takes your mind off the total emotional devastation of having nothing to watch on TV can only be a good thing.


So, there are your 5. Of course nothing is going to cure your depression better that the sound of bones crunching and helmets cracking, but hopefully these tips will act as a virtual Prozac when the darkness starts to close in. Be very welcome to share any tips that you guys have with the class. Put some thoughts down in the comments box. Whatever you do to get through the offseason could help your fellow man to get through it too. We’re all in this together right? Right?

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