Working each day can cause stress; whether it is our place of employment, at home, or at school. Other factors of stress can play into our daily lives such as family, friends, money, relationships, or health. There is a way to help treat stress and tension. This technique dates back centuries and it is called Transcendental Meditation. There are many advantages to meditating such as greater creativity, decreased depression, decreased anxiety, increased self-actualization, increased energy and efficiency.  Meditation is also a relaxation method that can calm mental tensions.

TM is amazing; it is a sense of a natural remedy for your mind to relax and experience subtle thoughts until you reach the source of thought. This exercise allows for the conscious mind to expand its capacity of thought and action. Meditation may sound impossible for those of you who haven’t experienced it, but it is truly simple and easy.

You need to be in a quiet and comfortable setting. Pick a room, park, library, closet, etc. Next you need about 20 minutes of your time. You can sit, lay and close your eyes and let your mind wander freely. Your mind will drift towards things that comfort and please you. Just relax. No need to focus on anything in particular. You may experience waves of relaxation as you meditate deeply. Your mind will go blank and enter into a peaceful and understanding stage. Try to remain in this stage for five minutes. Then the final stage of meditation is the consciousness stage.  Once you reached this stage for two to three minutes you should remain calm and quite and open your eyes slowly. Do not abruptly end your TM; this may cause nausea. Your body has reached a slow metabolic rate during meditation and your nervous system is relaxed.

I hope that this gives you a sense of self-gratification, inner peace, and self-awareness each time you meditate. Meditation can be performed twice a day or several times throughout the week.