Feed the Hungry


Our country was founded in a struggling state. Our forefathers had the help of friends, the Native American Indians. That's how Thanksgiving came about, but we so often forget how to reach out to one another.

In the toughest of times, there may be ways to deal with struggling times that may help you forget about your troubles. Try lending a hand to someone who needs the boost. It will not only help them but will help you as well. Helping out food banks that help feed the hungry on a regular basis can sometimes be the best way to help.





There are many ways to help feed the hungry. Some are easy ideas, and some ways are harder or more intense. There are some other ways to feed the hungry by just helping out behind the scenes. These other ways are the ones that are needed to keep organizations running smoothly and efficiently.

It's more about caring enough to do something. You may already be doing that something and may want to go a step farther. Hard times are so much more about looking inward to our hearts and re-evaluating our own personal values. Reaching out to those unfortunate people around us creates growth within ourselves.



There are many ways to help the hungry, maybe even some you haven't thought of. There are plenty of places that need your help in sorting food, office help, stocking shelves and many other areas. Believe it or not these Food Banks located all over the country are in desperate need of organizing food and even packing it to go out to the hungry. They have lunch bag programs for seniors or kids who may not have meals for an entire weekend without their help. These programs are for people and families that are struggling and may go without food to pay their bills.



When most people think of helping to feed the hungry, they think they need to go to a soup kitchen to do so. That is great if you are able to do that. Food banks are desperate for volunteer help and they depend on the compassion of the public not only for the holidays but year round. Even if you volunteer once a month, it can be a huge help to a food bank. Children are allowed to help as well as long as they are with their parents. This would be a great family experience to show our kids there are needy people around us.