There are many ways that you can help runaway teens and kidnapped teens. Many times when a teen runs away they are not alone. The runaway teen will be in the company off someone else, whether a parental kidnapping or an old man who usually does not have the best interest of the teen in mind.

Center for Missing and Exploited Children
The Center For Missing and Exploited Children does a lot to help publicize missing teens, kidnapped teens, and teens abducted by a non custodial parent.

You can learn more about the Center for Missing and Exploited Children and see pictures of actual missing teens at

Amber Alert
At you can find current and archived alerts for missing teens and children. The Amber Alert system has saved many children and teens from possible murder.

There area a multitude of ways you can sign up to receive Amber Alerts. One of the most popular ways is to sign up to receive any new Amber Alerts VIA text messaging on your cell phone. Anytime a teen or child is kidnapped or missing and the Authorities release an Amber Alert, you will receive the Amber Alert Message as soon as it is released to the public.

Local Police
Many police departments keep websites and have a section that shows missing, runaway, and kidnapped teens and kids. If your local Police department offers regular updates on their website then you can stay up to date with who is missing or kidnapped.

By staying aware of kids and teens missing in your area, you may be able to one day help save the life of a missing person simply because you kept track of the missing people through Amber Alerts, missing child websites, and your local Police Department.

Usually when a local teen goes missing your local or regional newspaper will cover the event and publish a picture of the missing child. Either subscribe to your local newspaper or buy it each day at the newsstand and read it thoroughly. If any pictures and articles are published about missing teens and children in your area you will be up to date on the information regarding the missing teen or missing child.

If you see the missing teen or the person of interest if it is a suspected parental kidnapping, you will be able to rapidly call the police and give them the information. By being aware of current and past kidnappings, along with what the people look like, you could easily save a life just by being prepared to call the police.

A classic example is Shasta Groene in Northern Idaho. Joseph Duncan had killed the family off of Shasta Groene. Joseph Duncan took Shasta Groene out to a Denny's Restaurant to eat dinner. The waitress recognized Shasta Groene and immediately had the police called. The waitress in all likely hood saved Shasta Groene's life. The waitress at Denny's was aware of what Shasta Looked like from reading the newspapers and watching the news. Because the waitress was informed, she was able to save Shasta's life.

Please educate yourself on missing kids and teens in your area. If you are aware of what the missing people look like you may be able to help save one of them if you ever see them.