I Need Money Now!

If you need money quickly and can't borrow it from a friend or family member, don't worry there are options. It is ok to admit that you may need some help and try your best to get your hand on an emergency cash source.  Many Americans live paycheck to paycheck so essentially, many Americans are just one paycheck away from homelessness and hunger.  If you are already strapped for cash, the best thing to do to try to get the money you need right away is to do something today that you can get paid for today. 


Three Things That You Can Do Today And Get Paid For Today

  • Pawn valuables and scraps alike: Everything has a value, eve something that you think is trash, may be worth a lot to someone else.  If you are in desperate need of immediate cash, gather up everything that you think you can live without and sell it to a pawn shop.  Almost everything has a value do don't think because it is beaten and worn, that nobody will want it.  There is a lot of money being made off selling scraps. If you have already sold everything that is not nailed down then go to your friends and family and ask them to donate items to your cause.  If they can't lend you money, see if they will help you by donating clothing, furniture, jewelry or other items that they don't want or haven't used in years so you can get some benefit from it.  Things can be replaced once you re back on your feet.
  • Car detailing: Car detailing is essentially washing and polishing the outside of the car and also cleaning the inside of the car.  Most people have cars and most people will pay you to wash their car.  Charge what they would normally pay to go to the car wash and do it themselves.  Start with an introductory price, this way they know the price won't remain at that level for too long.  Your introductory price should be low for your market area because you are trying to get customers.  Once you get them, then you can set a regular price that is fair to both you and your customers.  You will have a lot of rejections, but there are also many people, especially if they know you live in the neighborhood, who will say yes! Once you have washed their car or cars a few times, you can start asking for referrals to people they know who may need someone to come to their home and detail their car.  They could also give you referrals for other services that they themselves need or someone they know needs.  Car detailing is a good way to make quick money and get your foot in the door to introduce other cash paying services to your customers.
  • Window washing:  This is also something that you can do today and get paid for today.  It is simple, go to small businesses in your area.  Small little mom & pop shops who may not have regular help to keep their businesses clean.  Dress nicely, just like you are going for a job interview.  When you go in, ask for the owner of the establishment.  If the owner is not there, then ask to speak with the manager. Window washers for small mom & pop shops generally get paid at least $10 per washing of all the windows.  If there are a lot of windows then you can negotiate a higher price.  Just like with the car detailing, you will get some rejections, however you will get some business who will say yes especially since they realize that you are a small business just like them.  Once you are in the business, if you notice anything else that needs regular cleaning such as the bathrooms, kitchen, appliances or furniture, offer your services there as well.  You desperate need of money could turn around almost instantly with a good cleaning business.

 Other Things You Can Do To Get Emergency Cash Right Now!

While you are deciding which service business you want to start to make some quick cash for yourself so you can pay your bills, you may have to consider getting a loan of some sort.  Something, that gets your head above water now and that you can pay back once you are making ends meet again.  There are a few options in this area, but keep in mind, some of them come with a high interest rate, so make your choices wisely.

Payday Loan or Emergency Cash Loan

Payday Loan Emergency Cash

 The quickest way to get the cash you need today is to call a payday loan lender.  Most often, all you need is a regular form of income, a checking account and to make sure that you are over 18 years of age.  There are payday loans such as the "no fax" payday loans that you can get even if you don't have a job.  If you are going to get a payday loan just make sure that you can pay it back when it's due. Payday loans are short-term loans which means they are usually only good for weeks or a few months before they become due.  Make sure that you will be able to pay this loan back before you take it out. Adding more debt to an already stressed situation with no way of paying it back is just adding fuel to the already hotly burning fire.

Bad Credit Guaranteed Personal Loans

There are lenders who will lend you money if you have bad credit.  Some will lend you anywhere from $1000 to $5000 and more if you meet certain requirements.  The terms are usually longer than a payday loan, but the interest is usually just as high or higher and you end up paying back more in the long run. Although they are guaranteed, which means that you will get the money, you will have to weigh and calculate whether or not the interest payments that you may have to pay is worth getting the loan.

Get A Title Loan

 If you have a car that's already paid for and you own the title to, then it is relatively easy to get a title loan.  There are small banks and credit unions in your neck of the woods who specialize in loans such as this. The interest rates on these types of loans are much better because it's back by collateral.

Work From Home

 Work from home writing, doing customer service or IT to make the extra money you need to get by.  You can visit ratracerebellion.com for a list of companies who hire workers to do a variety of different things.  They also post daily job leads.

Employee  Assistance Program

 If you are working, especially for a medium sized or larger company, then go to their employee relations department.  Many employee relations departments have  programs to help employees who are struggling with different things, including depression and paying the rent.  See what your Employee Assistance Program (EAP) can offer you as far as immediate help goes.

Government Agencies

 Government agencies have programs in place to help people pay rent, buy food, save their homes and get the help they may need.  Whatever problem you have, there is a government agency that can help you.  However, with so many people needing help, it may be quicker just to find some legal way to help yourself.  You can call 211 in 39 states if you need immediate help. 211 is like an emergency number for social services.  You can go to 211.org to see whether or not your state is a participant.


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