As a writer it is in your best interest to help Infobarrel traffic grow generally, as well as to grow traffic to your own Infobarrel articles. The more visitors that Infobarrel gets the more chances that some of those visitors will see your articles and make you money. Some of the visitors will join Infobarrel and contribute, further helping Infobarrel to grow.

Here are concrete ways to build traffic to Infobarrel, help the site grow and help your articles grow in value.


1. Help increase the Alexa Rank of Infobarrel. Other than helping bring more traffic generally to the site, the easiest thing you can do is install the Alexa Toolbar for Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer. Once you have the Toolbar installed every day you visit Infobarrel your visit counts toward the traffic stats for the site on Alexa.

A low Alexa Rank is great because the most popular website Google is #1. Infobarrel is at an Alexa Rank #6,040 as I write this.

A low Alexa Rank will help Infobarrel negotiate better deals with Advertisers (more money for the writers), encourage more visitors to Infobarrel, and generally reflects well on the site as a prestigious place to be on the internet.

While widely viewed as a good indication of the popularity of a website, the Alexa Rank is not a true representation of the traffic a site receives because it mainly measures visits by Alexa Toolbar users. Therefore if more Infobarrel members use the Alexa Toolbar it will push the Alexa Rank down.

2. Watch the Alexa Toolbar. The Alexa Toolbar will tell you what the Alexa Rank of every site you visit is. While Alexa Rank is not a true indicator of the actual traffic a site receives it is a reasonable indication of popularity.

3. Create Links on Popular Sites. When you encounter popular blogs, forums, or other sites that allow link posting you will know to pay attention and place appropriate links to your Infobarrel content on these popular sites. Low Alexa Ranked sites are high traffic so they can be good sources of traffic to your articles when you add links.

4. Keep Promoting your Articles on Social Sites and Creating Backlinks. While adding the Alexa Toolbar and taking selected other actions to lower Alexa Rank will help, as the website pushes toward #1 it gets harder to game the Alexa rank. Only real increasing traffic will help the site get a low Alexa Rank and real traffic will help you earn recurring revenue from your articles.

If you want to help your own website rank better with Alexa check out these Alexa rank tips.