Help Me Find Happiness: Will Dating and Finding Love Help?


If you said to me “help me find happiness,” I would probably advise you to go and look within and find out what is making you unhappy. Dating and eventually finding love may well help you to become happier, but not to make you happy if you are not already. Many of the problems that occur these days is that people do not have any self worth or confidence and this can negatively affect all areas of their lives.

People who search for happiness from external sources will never find it. If you are one of those people asking others to “help me find happiness” then you have probably fallen into the same trap. In just the same way that you cannot love someone properly until you love yourself. Nobody will be able to make you happy if it does not first come from within. If you are searching fro happiness through money or possessions then you will never find it.

If you learn to be happy with what you have then you can be happy with anything else. If you are in this position and you manage to find love, then it will increase your happiness. Some people believe that true happiness is only real when shared.


Dating sites for beautiful people: The Key to Successful Happiness


The key to successful dating is probably in not going onto any dating site, but in meeting a partner in real life! Dating sites for beautiful people are probably a good idea if you are going to join up to one, but then again who the hell gets to decide who is beautiful enough to be let onto the site.


It seems completely messed up in my opinion. Judging by the fact that it is a site for beautiful, I would imagine that it would be full of a lot of very arrogant and elitist people who think that they are all that.


The more I think about it, the worse I actually think the idea is of joining dating sites for beautiful people. What a load of rubbish that is. How do they decide who gets in and who does not. It is just like those night clubs that have a dress code. Some idiotic bouncer stands on the door deciding whether you look good enough to get in, and if you do manage to pass, when you get inside, it is full of a load of self centered showoffs who are more interested in their own appearance than anyone else's.


How to find me a soulmate: Does a Big Age Difference Matter?


If you are asking the question how to find me a soulmate, you should be very careful about how much looking you are doing and how desperate you are. Many people become so desperate to find a soulmate, that they begin to make themselves believe that they have found that special person when in reality they have not.


It is so easy to become deluded into thinking that you have when you are lonely and searching. There is a big difference between a good friend, a partner, as sexual partner and a soulmate. Soulmates are difficult to come by.


People asking others how to find me a soulmate are really never going to find one in that way. Nobody can find one for you; it is down to fate in my opinion. You cannot plan for these things, nor can you set them up, they simply happen when the time is right. It is more likely that you will find your soulmate when you least expect it and you are not thinking about that kind of thing at all. People with a big age different cannot be true soulmates as they are experiencing life from different perspectives, and as you grow older, they will grow apart.