There was once a time when I desperately wanted to find an effective method that can help me save my marriage, as I felt that my spouse and I were already on the brink of getting a divorce.

Let me share with you what I learned about marriage and making it work. Here's hoping that you will get something out of this that can help you save your marriage, too.

The first important lesson I learned is that you cannot save your marriage on your own. You can do everything in your power to make things work, but it will all be in vain if your partner does not want to save the relationship just like you do.

Saving your marriage has to involve commitment from both of you. So talk calmly to your partner about wanting to make things work and plan your moves together.

Once my partner and I have established that we both want to make our marriage work, I then sought an experienced and reputable counselor to help me save my marriage.

A professional is indeed the best person to guide you through the rough times and help you move forward. But if you prefer not to seek outside help just yet, then you may want to take advantage of the following common sense tips towards saving your marriage.

If you are expecting your marriage to be perfect then you have to stop right now. Every marriage, no matter how ideal, will have its difficult moments and you have to be prepared to deal with them.

So you have to expect both you and your spouse to make mistakes once in a while. You will also have to practice and improve your communication skills if you want your marriage to work. Understand that communication isn't just about knowing how to talk but, more importantly, learning how to listen.

After learning how to communicate, you should then learn how to compromise. This is one of the most difficult things that couples have to learn – making adjustments in your beliefs and principles once in a while.

Both of you need to be willing to find a middle ground in every disagreement. All of these things my partner and I learned from our counselor and they were definitely able to help me save my marriage. But, as you can see, you don't really need a therapist; you can take these steps on your own. And you have to do it NOW.

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