The Perils of Parenting


The Perils of Parenting

Every new parent goes through the frustration of not being able to calm their freshly born, bundle of joy. It’s never fun to listen to a crying baby. It can absolutely break the hearts of new parents when they can’t find a way to comfort their own child. This is especially true when dealing with a little one that won’t sleep but cries for hours on end. Don’t worry. There are some tricks of the trade that will help you to quiet your infant easily.

Break Out the Stroller

You won’t need to go outside but put the baby into the stroller. Even sitting on the couch, you can move the stroller back and forth with your foot. The repetitive motion often soothes the precious infant. The motion from the stroller will also help when you have a baby that will not sleep.

Vacuum the Carpet


It might sound weird but the sound of the vacuum cleanerr can often quiet a screaming baby. Simply put the baby in his crib and grab your trusty vacuum. Stay toward the door and start vacuuming. You don’t want to get too close to the crib. That might startle the baby and you’ll have a crying baby all over again. This will also help to put the child to sleep.

Rock That Baby to Happiness

Nothing beats a good, old fashioned rocking chair to soothe a screaming baby. Once you are in the rocker, face the baby forward on your lap. Start rocking. This movement and the position of your crying baby will help to expel any gas the infant might have built up. This position will also help your little one fall asleep.

Calgon Take Me Away


Don’t use the Calgon on your crying baby. Run a warm bath and use one of the baby bath products that are made to calm a screaming baby. Just as a bath relaxes adults, a baby will relax as soon as they get into the tub. Warm baths can help the baby finally rest well.

A Baby Can Self Soothe

The worst part of being a parent is realizing when it’s time to allow the upset baby to self soothe. A baby oftentimes leads to a crying parent when they are first learning how to settle themselves down. It will feel like you heart is being ripped out of your chest but it is essential that a crying baby learns this habit. He will use this calming skill throughout his life.

It’s essential for a new parent to stay calm while dealing with a screaming baby or a baby that won’t sleep. It’s always best to allow the crying baby to stay in his crib rather than having the parent get frustrated.