Reasons Why Your Dog Might Be Pooping In The House

It's true... my dog poops in the house... No matter what stage of life your dog is in; house trained or not, there may come a time when he or she starts to leave you packages around the house.  For many families this can be a cause of stress and annoyance with their best friend.  Trying to understand why their pet has started to exhibit this type of behavior is the first step to stopping it. 

Check For a Medical Condition First

Fpuppy training(110329)Credit: photo credit: capn madd matt via photo pin ccor many dogs when they begin pooping inside, this can usually be a sign of a medical problem.  Contact your veterinarian and explain what is happening to see if you can get some clues to this change.  The Vet will probably want you to bring your dog in for a workup to see if there is an illness that is causing the improper voiding in the house.  Some of the problems that are common in dogs with this type of behavior are inflammatory bowel disease, intestinal parasites, or even previous medical conditions reoccurring.  Any of the aforementioned can be at the root cause.  The doctor can help sort this out for you and help get your pet back to normal.  Remember, if your dog has been recently treated for a medical condition, the treatment itself could have an adverse side effect that could be causing his accidents.  Make sure to ask the Vet about that possibility as well.

Is Your Dog Nervous for Some Reason?

Another reason dogs may begin defecating inside is major changes in the family environment.  Has the family suddenly started leaving the dog alone for long periods of time?  The separation anxiety that a dog can feel could be one cause.  Suddenly keeping your pet in his cage for long stretches each day can also bring about this type of issue.  The key is to make any environmental changes slowly and give ample time for your pet to get accustomed to the change.  Never, ever punish your dog for making a mistake inside; this will only bring about anxiety for the pet and may cause more accidents and an attempt by your dog to hide them.

stop dog from pooping in the houseCredit: photo credit: Sukanto Debnath via photo pin ccPay attention to your pet.  If he is barking by the backdoor that is usually an indication that he needs to go outside to do his business.  Beware of allowing children to be responsible for the family dog.  They often become engaged in other activities and neglect the needs of the animal.  This neglect can cause your dog to act out not only by pooping inside, but may also manifest by running wildly through the house, barking uncontrollably or even jumping on the kids and you when he is in need of attention.  By being aware of any changes in your dog; you can help to alleviate this problem.

House Train Your Puppy

Your pet is a living creature that must be cared for in that way.  If he is a puppy, it may take time for him to become house trained and stop defecating inside.  There are several ways you can help your puppy to become house trained.  Training pads are a great way to train a puppy.  Put the training pad in a corner of a room out of the way and after your puppy eats and drinks water; take him to the patrain your puppyCredit: photo credit: Alan Hudson Photography via photo pin ccd.  By starting a routine of using the pad, you can get your dog house trained. If the puppy should poop in another area of the house; immediately take him back to the training pad.  The familiarity will help your pet to understand this is where he should go to defecate.  Don’t forget to give praise when the puppy goes on his own to the training pad.  Positive reinforcement goes a long way in this endeavor.  Another way to train a puppy is to take him outside many times a day.  Observe his behavior prior to voiding; it may give you clues as to when to let him out.  By training your puppy early on where to go to urinate and defecate; you are less likely to have problems in the future.

Dogs pooping in the house can be troubling, but the cause may be simple and easy to correct.  By getting your dog regular checkups, paying attention to his behavior, and slowly making changes in his environment; you should be able to combat this problem successfully.  In the end, you and your beloved pet will get what you both need; a lifetime of happiness and friendship.

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