Writers Block(78486)

Writers block is one of the most feared conditions by writers around the world. Whether you write articles, novels, or just write for fun you can suffer from this all too common condition. During your career as a writer it is quite likely that you will suffer from writers block. Writers can suffer with the condition for days, weeks, months and in some cases years. If writing is your primary source of income this can lead to other stresses which in turn makes writers block worse, it can be a vicious circle.

Common Causes Of Writers Block

Home life
Family distractions
Other commitments
Physical illness
Financial pressures
Relationship failure.

Unfortunately it does seem that almost anything can cause writers block to kick in. Luckily there are ways to deal with writers block. None of them can be guaranteed at curing any given individuals writers block, but when you are suffering from the condition one thing is for certain, you will try anything to resolve it.

Films To Consider Watching

 Secret Window - Johnny Depp 

The 2004 psychological thriller Secret Window is based on the novel "Secret Window, Secret Garden" by Stephen King. The main character is a writer by the name of Mort Rainey played by Johnny Depp who portrays a man who is going through a divorce and as a result is suffering from writer's block.

The Shining - Jack Nicholson

Another one of Stephen King's stories, The Shining (1977), features a character named Jack Torrance who agrees to care for a hotel over its closed winter season and invites his family along to keep him company. As the winter wears on, Torrance grows paralyzed with writer's block and eventually suffers a complete mental breakdown amid the haunting isolation of the hotel. Torrance is played by Jack Nicholson in the film (1980) adapted from the novel.

Top Tips To Cure And Prevent Writers Block

Create and implement a plan
Plan to write a certain amount each day and if you only manage only a few hundred words per day then time will win out and before you know it your writers block will have lifted. Always sit down to write when your at the time which you have scheduled. If when you first sit down to write the words don't come to you, show up the next day and the next until eventually your mind will catch up with your actions.

Take a vacation between projects

Recharge your creative juices before you go on to write your next article, novel or whatever your next project may be. You may think that you want to get started right away but jumping straight into your next project can have it’s repercussions and trigger writers block.

Work on more than one project

This can prevent writers block, they say “prevention is better than the cure”, right? Working on more than one project at a time can prevent your mind from becoming bored. If you are writing about something that you are passionate about then maybe this is less of a problem for you. However if you fancy a change rather than a rest then have one!

Move location

Do you always sit behind the same desk, in the same room and in the same building? If so then try moving to somewhere new, this can refresh your thoughts and be inspiring. If you can't move out of the office then consider changing it round, move furniture if you have to.

Don't be too critical of yourself

When you are actually writing don't over analyse your work, just let the ideas flow naturally and dump all your thoughts and ideas from your head onto paper. This will mean that what ever thoughts are in your head are not lost. Don’t worry about the actual quality of your work too much, you can edit any imperfections such as grammar and spelling at a later date.


Writers block can be an awful experience but I’m speaking from first hand experience when I say it does go away. Should you be unfortunate enough to suffer with writers block then please make sure you try some of the tips given in this article. Take note of what works for you so that next time you suffer you’ll know exactly what to do.