When your baby is able to sit up all on his own, he has reached an important milestone in his early years.Unfortunately, teaching a baby to sit is a lot harder than teaching a dog to sit.Commanding your baby and expecting a reaction isn't the way to do it.This will all take time for him to learn and cannot be demanded.After continually to telling your dog to sit will provide you with great results.He will most likely catch on rather quickly and understand what you want.Telling your baby that you want him to sit too early will provide you with nothing but a blank stare.You cannot teach a 2 month old baby to sit up no matter how hard you try.Their back muscles have not developed yet and still are extremely weak.Even if you teach your baby to do this, it still cannot be demanded because they cannot understand words yet.You will literally have to set him in an upright position.There are methods you can use that will allow your baby to sit up at an early age.


Sitting BabyCredit: Morgue File

Use a Boppy cushion.A Boppy is one of the newer items that have been popular during the last several years.A Boppy is a moon shaped crescent that helps support your baby until he has enough strength to do it all by hiself.  These can usually be found for a decent price at rummage sales since they have been well known for several years now.

Use a bumbo seat.A bumbo seat is an extremely new item that was just made popular within the last year or two.A bumbo seat is an actual seat with back support and a middle section so the baby cannot slide out.This seat can be used a baby that is pretty young, to help him develop strong muscles early.

Allow him to take chances.Just like riding a bike, you are going to fall down a few times.Once your baby seems as though he has the strength in his back to do this himself, take away the Boppy or Bumbo seat, allow him to perform this action on his own.Chances are he is going to be wobbly and fall down his first few times.Make sure that you practice on soft carpet or a rug before you place him on a hard floor.Falling down on a carpet will not cause any harm to him.Praise him when he is sitting up on his own.When he sees that you are happy, he will also be pleased with himself.This will make him very determined to perform this action by himself even harder.Place toys in front of him on the floor so he can keep himself occupied on one area.If he looks around, he will most likely fall down because he loses his balance.

It may take some time for your baby to learn how to sit up by himself, but helping him achieve his milestone will make both of you feel happy.Once the baby can sit up by himself without any help from the bobby, bumbo seat or an adult, you will notice he will be able to keep himself occupied for longer periods of time.  This is extremely helpful for every parent.

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